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  1. Well, as far as leveling up goes. You'll level up far faster by completing the challenges for multiple weapons rather than just using any one weapon since after 150 kills you get a total of 1750 experience. I have no problem with the M203, its good. But you don't get any weapon experience for using it, so it feels like a waste everytime I get a kill with it.
  2. Man, talking trash about how good you are and the noob tube is your weapon of choice? For shame jackie... For shame... I've been logging my time on the 360 version since thats where all my coworkers play... but I guess I might have to join you fellas on the PC one to see how I stack up.
  3. I'm going to start playing CSS some more. Hopefully I can get back into something resembling competitive and can join you guys for the TWL again.
  4. All in all, it was awesome. My comments mainly concern the CS:S tourney as it seems like thats the center piece of the whole shibang. 1. I know the random draw has been done for a couple years now and it more or less worked out, but some teams were a little unbalanced (too good or too bad). Perhaps a draft of some sort could be established? And if people are worried about hurt feelings as far as how early they went and what not, just have the order only known to the captains or tourney operators. 2. Possible to do double elimination? I know this makes the tourney longer, but it gives people more game for their buck and also allows teams who were very close to winning to potentially battle their way back through the loser's bracket and give the top dogs a run for their money. 3. Start it a little earlier. Yes, this is due in part to the problems that arose with the servers, but it seemed like people just wanted it over and done with as the night drug on. Also, since it was so late by the time it finished, people's overall enthusiasm to play more seemed rather low. 4. Vent servers for every team. I know most teams had these and maybe all did, but "official" tourney servers set up would be nice to ensure everyone is on equal footing.
  5. Note to self: Next time, have the drunken afterparty wrestling in Shadow's room.
  6. Lol... I think we're safe. When I woke up, I didn't even realize it was broken. So kudos to whomever put it together.
  7. Appreciate it Fatty. Let me know how much shipping costs, I'll paypal it to you.
  8. Hey black, How the hell did me and you end up with the WWE action? And who won? I hope I at least held my own, I remember nothing lol.
  9. Lol.. I woke up drunk. Crawled downstairs, checked out, asked for a taxi and passed out on the couch. Dude from the hotel ended up giving me a ride to the airport, so I got like 5 hours of sleep. Was good, woke up only slightly tipsy.
  10. Was a Razer Copperhead mouse. Razer exactmat mousepad - hard vinyl type surface on top of metal Headphones with the ear pads all messed up on the right side. socom 1 usb headset the fan was in the original packaging, one of the spot cooling fans that was doorprized. If its all gone, not a big deal... Just trying to figure out if i need to buy new stuff now, or just use some temporary things until I can get this stuff back. Thanks for the help all, can't believe I left it there I blame the vodka.
  11. Hey all, Had a blast, plan on coming back next year. Anyway.... Saturday night, after ingesting way too much of way too cheap vodka, I left my mouse, mousepad, headphones, mic, lovely door prize, woopie cushion on one of the tables near the door. No big deal if nobody has it, but if someone picked it up with then intention of getting it to whomever it belonged to, let me know and we'll figure something out. Appreciate it.
  12. Depends on how drunk you guys get me Watch yourself X!
  13. Welcome to crash in my room if you want. I don't plan on partying much in mine Think I only have 1 bed though, so might have to look into a cot or something.
  14. Cool, Thank you all Be seeing you in a couple weeks.
  15. Title says it all. Not sure which airport to hit up. Ty for help.
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