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  1. k.dee

    R.I.P. Wayfarer aka Paul Kostuik

    My heart goes out to the GC community that has lost a friend. I did not know Wayfarer at all as I used to be part of the UT community, however I had to express my condolences. The BBR UT99 community lost a friend that suffered from depression quite a few years ago, so I can relate in that aspect. I was also surprised to see how close the service is happening to where I live. RIP my fellow Canuck.
  2. k.dee

    happy holidays!

    SM on the Wii is great! Nice old school feel to it. =)
  3. k.dee

    happy holidays!

    just saw stutters email and popped my head in to say hi. =) miss playing ut with you guys, just playing super mario on the wii these days, lol. hope all is well and have a great christmas, or great holiday whatever you might celebrate!
  4. k.dee

    Once a Month GC UT Throwdown

    i'm flexible too. just depends if hubby's working or not and he's on an erradic schedule.
  5. k.dee

    Lights Out 2 - The Unlightening

    thanks for games all... thanks for organizing flitter. =) xo
  6. k.dee

    Lights Out 2 - The Unlightening

    reinstalled! will drop in tomorrow some time between 8 and 10 EST
  7. k.dee

    Lights Out 2 - The Unlightening

    wow flitter, that's a lot of legwork contacting people one-by-one. i miss everyone in UT land and sorry to hear that the GC ut2k4 server is coming to an end. been playing wii and trying to keep sane, but that's about it. i shan't let your hard work go to waste flitter so i hope to get everything re-installed in time. (gah! hope i remember how to play!) thanks for the invite. xo
  8. you guys are cheeky! http://www.xfire.com/ it's a small application that allows you to stalk your friends <kidding>. it helps you keep in touch with people you game with and there are also message functions among other functions that i'm not even familiar with. i use it to find out what my gamer pals are up to so i can join them for a map or two. it's sort of like msn messenger crossed with the buddies list in ut2k4 (which doesn't work if someone is aliasing or has temporarily changed their name) and is geared towards gamers. in combination with ventrilo, it's been especially helpful with this girls vs boys ons match taking place this august; as long as we're signed in, the ladies are able to connect with eachother for practices or scrims on the whim. anyhow, if anyone was interested in trying it out, my username is kdee1
  9. hi fellers... i couldn't find a topic relating to this (may have missed it), but does anyone here use xfire?
  10. Bushling Bushwack v2.0 I'm also partial to AmBush. =) Hi btw! Oh, and sorry admins... i accidentally made a 2nd account Who is admin anyway?
  11. i like primus, it sounds more authoritative.
  12. wow, i think it took me about 5 minutes to figure out where i should post! just dropping a line to say hi to the GC folk. hellooooo!