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  1. This is the reason that FF 2010 can't be the last FF, for starters. Golf, CS, well, anything won't be the same without all the witching from Clue. It just won't feel right. Thanks for your efforts during the year for FF 2010, Tom.
  2. Dragonfire @ FF 2008....priceless.
  3. looking forward to meeting some new peeps and seeing the old ones!1!!1!one!1!!

  4. Negative didn't happen. Something had to give in the summer...this was one of the things that I had to give up. :-/ 2 days till the pre-pre-ff cookout!
  5. rofl....nice....put me on a guy from the abfest 300!
  6. I think it's cooool...... the back should just say: my kpd > your kpd
  7. kill someone's gaming server! lol...happened a few years ago, but on front page today locally: Taken from: http://www.ohio.com/news/94228709.html
  8. Excellent, I'll keep that in mind!!
  9. Showing my kids these pictures today in class..we're beginning to write personal narratives... ...wear your seatbelt, mk?
  10. Which day is he signed up for?!?
  11. Flitter! Glad you researched it and are signing up! That's great!!!
  12. I am gathering a group to attend the Warrior Dash in Joliet, IL....on June 20th (arrive on June 19th). http://www.warriordash.com It's nothing but random mayhem..but does require some readiness....read about it...but it's gonna create some lifelong memories for me and some others! Reply here after you've given it some thought! I've got a Facebook group setup for those that are committing to go....and we're reserve our spots after we have 10 people (we're at 4 now). PS. We are totally dressing like warriors, btw..just have decided the genre.
  13. An email to the 1k that is GC forum members is warranted to obtain the final $100...or just ask yermother to fork it up...he would.
  14. Nice bewildered.....that's funny! I would have never guessed that....but sorry, I feel special.
  15. While it's just a poll, toss in a reply to keep it on the top while we collect a little data from those that stop by the forums on a semi-regular basis.
  16. You are so welcome. We will always remember the fun, fair, and loving guy that Paul was.

  17. Rofl...ok, so clicking on the first one takes me here: http://gc.hlstatsx.com/playerinfo/155 Bewildered??? The other at the bottom was only a result of the search for Fatty...but Bewildered's ID has played as exactly my tag... <leans back and presses an intercomm button...murmering something to someone somewhere>
  18. I've only ever had one steam login and one copy of the game...I would imagine the steamid follows me, even during reinstalls.
  19. Back in the day, we had a plugin or function that reserved our names.... I was just in our stats: http://gc.hlstatsx.com/search?q=Fatty&si=players&rc=css2&find=Search Now, I only have the one steamid....and I just noticed two others! What's that mean? Someone playing as me? Could have been years ago, I don't know how long we have on those stats....just seemed weird. I'm trying to think of a time I would have played on someone else's computer or account, but can't recall any situation where that would be true.... Be on the lookout!
  20. Disregard...I searched. "One Wasted Peklz .gc" There was a time when this would be a complete no-no. However, we've obviously let up a bit, which is great. But don't come in here calling me on swear words wearing that name...fo real. Am I really posting on gcftw defending myself????
  21. Here's the summary: Amertrash: I was a victim Fatty: I was insulted Stutters: It wasn't warrented Others: Overreaction Fatty: So I wasn't insulted? -------- Peck, yes, you missed the context. Anything I said or did last night was all in fun, and you sure know it, so don't try to bullpoop around and make a comparison. Amertrust's comment was DIRECTLY a response TO ME with an ATTITUDE. You're trying to compare exclamations to direct names. Awwwww truck is not the same as you trucker. Nor is it the same when I call Clueless a bastard because he snapped off a fade-away headshot. What in the hell have we come to that instead of someone who namecalls thinking, "wow, did I offend you? If so, I didn't mean to"....to "I WAS ABUSED IT WAS UNFAIR", and the public runs to their aid. Wait, this is the world as we know it right? Peckles, what was your handle in the server last night? Remind me. -------- Just last night, with 3 hours of laughing while gaming I was thinking it was fun to be back. This part, while somewhat familiar, has definitely evolved since I've been away. I've seen the claim of abuse, time and time again....for 11 years..... but never the undermining. I guess some are in need of side-shows. (my longest post in 3 years) Ok, I'm not going to let this tarnish my desire to get the server hopping again, and I do not see the need to repeat myself in this thread anymore. I'm not going to say the word context again. I'm not going to try to teach a lesson in The Eye of the Beholder....cause it's not sticking....
  22. yes I don't need a lesson in public-advocacy. Search the banned threads for all my quick hits and non-tolerance during our years of growth...but for each one of those, there are 10 examples of how I put our gamers' entertainment and fun on the top of the list.
  23. Koreanheat...and you need him to read and relay better because I never used the word "unban" because there was never a ban. However, you were correct in quoting the word "apologize" as I did use it, but I'm not sure why you put quotes around it in this setting...is it a foreign concept now? @ Stutters: This had zero to do with light hearted fun...that's all I bring. Anyone that plays with me can attest to that. What I do find interesting is that while Amertrash may be a great guy and a server regular, the direct context is being overlooked and at the same time the responsibility seems to be on me to interpret being called a name in a different way. You don't call someone names that you have no relationship with, nor is calling names the best foreplay for a relationship. And finally This means admins aren't acting quick enough, but instead promoting drama and distraction (especially if it's blatant rule breaking)
  24. Make sure you post pictures like we used to do with the Tequila Panchos gatherings.
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