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  1. Hey guys, it's been a long time since I've been here. Just a lot of stuff have been going on last couple of years! Just wanted to stop by and say hello! I'm gonna try to check back in more often. Anyways I hope all is well for everyone!
  2. I got a beta key and played last weekend. It was super hard to get on the same channel with your friends. We didn't see a way to manually change it besides logging out and back in until we saw eachother. I hope that will not be a issue for launch cause that sucks for you guys And they really need a way to log out to the character page and not out back into the login screen. - I do like how anyone can revive you. - PVP was hilarous good times. - The fighting mechanics I'm not to sure about... maybe I played too much aion and used to how it makes you run into melee range... instead of slashing air. - I wish the dialog was more unique! Everyone says the same darn thing in the cutscenes/storyline! I wish your characters current personality changed the dialog even if it was a slight difference. (Maybe they made it to be one dialog to save for the release? Let me know.) I did not pre-order or plan to buy this game. MMOs easily consume me and I don't think I want to get back into one. Though I'm in the beta for Raiderz. GW2 was to play during the weekend.
  3. if anyone else is interested your more then welcome to join we're on Israphel as asmodians. Idk who owns the character pepperoni they hold "the coalition" legion right now
  4. ouch...... we're on the server Israphel. Still in the guild. Who ever is pepperoni is the guild lead now. anyone remember who that it?
  5. Hey does anyone still play? A hand full of us are starting back up.... still in "The Coalition" whois Leading the Legion care to pass it back over if there's no interest in playing again?
  6. Anyone in this beta? how is it?
  7. somehow i survived the temptation... T_T xmas sales next month
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