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    Counter-strike,partying,friends,and did i mention partying?
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  5. crazyninja

    Random night!

    Ok so we have custom map night and its really fun. But the rest of the week gets boring after a while I was thinking we could add a new night. Random night! The idea for this is people vote for what kind of random night they want over the week and on whatever day probably Friday night that's what we do. Ideas for things we could vote on... Knife night! - self explanatory Pistol night! - all weapons except pistols are restricted. Musketball night! - deagle or another single shot pistol only, you take one shot then reload and repeat. ect. Noscope night! - noscope scout ONLY no other snipers. Golden gun night! - all players start every round with 1 hp no grenades. Can be mixed with any of the above. Dodgeball night! - all players start with 1 health and get multiple flashbangs/smoke grenades all other weapons restricted. Race night! - you race places no bhopping. rewards too winners and death to losers. Zombie night! - 1 or a few players with perks like very high health low gravity or super speed but can only use a knife vs. a whole team. Grenade night! - infinite grenades or at least alot and knives only. Music/karaoke night! - A night for all those people who like to blare music over their microphone or sing or use programs to play music to get it out of their system all talk would be on and we would take turns all songs have to follow the rules of a clean server. Last man standing night! - Sort of like zombie night but changed 1 guy or a few vs. many but the few have guns and the many only have knives. probably an awp or something. Thats all I can think of atm if you have any suggestions or think its a good idea or just a plain stupid idea please post and tell me. Thanks guys!
  6. crazyninja

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    "Happygoat" STEAM_0:1:5977933 I was just recently on the server and this guy started cussing bad. I kindly informed him that it is a clean server and do not swear, to which he replied with yet more swearing I again warned him and same deal. I told him a final time and warned he would be removed from the game still more swearing. I messaged an admin but by the time he got there he had been kicked for breaking the ping limit. I see these guys all the time and i never make a post about it cause i say meh they are gone no need but these people come back and cause more problems. And everytime I see it there is no admin on. I requested on the server that all witnesses post on this but theres the evidence from me.
  7. crazyninja


    Dues paid finally. Crazyninja.gc - STEAM_0:0:14381040
  8. crazyninja

    Admin application help.

    Hey guys I finally got my paycheck and was going to do an admin application but its been so long I forget where to go could someone please redirect me. Thanks.
  9. crazyninja


    Ermmm....we were on aztec and it was killing the server fast so we resorted to rushing bridge and nading each other a couple times to finish the map on the last round i naded my teammate and got banned...can i get unbanned plz
  10. crazyninja

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    Hey guys was just playin some css on aztec when dahzer spotted a possible hacker and asked me to spec him. I speced him for maybe 30 seconds and saw some crazy ak snap shots pulling the trigger for a single shot before the crosshair was even on their head i started a demo but he started sucking when i joined spec. Then he left before he started sucking he was 8-0 on t side on aztec heres the id.ame uniqueid connected ping loss state # 210 "Player [Winnipeg, MB, Canada]" STEAM_0:1:46156827 28:22 62 0 active #
  11. crazyninja

    MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! i iz back

    sent my 20 dollar dues and sent my admin app to shaftie you guys need any other info?
  12. Ehehehe I am back from the grave I would like to rejoin onto gc...And if you have need for an admin I will gladly help out ad I am 18 now may someone please give me the form for the dues Thank-you...I look forward to stabbing you in css
  13. crazyninja


    Cant wait till it comes out in dvd! But tonight is national treasure 2 night!!
  14. crazyninja

    Don't think I can make it

    Umm...Ya thought my mom was protective...
  15. crazyninja

    Wii would like to play

    Ya I went over to Revs and he has a WII I played a little and was hooked I bought one beat zelda and im looking for another game to take on. I have console,wii sports,wii play,2 wiimotes,1 nunchuck I dont know what games to buy I remember super smash bros. for n64. It was awesome! So il probly get that gotta figure out what I need to connect to internet...