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  1. Well, I spoke with Swoop while he was at FF this year on the phone and he said you all were having a great time and I no reason to doubt it considering all the fun that was had last year. I missed all you guys and gals this time around, maybe I'll make it up there next year and have some more 4 a.m. polar bear swim meets...man last year was something else. let me know when you post pictures or another trailer fatty???? the one you made last year was awesome, including my sexy arse drying out over the grills after the aforementioned swim. i bet you all missed "I WORK IN STEEL!" lol...cya round guys Puppy
  2. things are well, graduate on may 8 and i'll know something about a job soon. i hope i can make it to FF, i will definitely try.
  3. Been a while since i've been by here. miss all you guys...dont really have much time for CS anymore, plus i have yet to take the plunge to CS:S/HL2...and my vid card is en fuego as of a couple weeks ago and now kaput. anyway, while at work i thought i'd stop by and tell everyone hello and i miss you guys and gals. i'll keep ya up to speed on my SS stuff, they have not called back yet since my third interview, but will let you all know. maybe if im not busy this summer, i'll swing in on FF05 later
  4. no, his biggest weakness is talking smack about VI and gettin owned @ fragfest in the largest man pile since that sleepover at siegfried's gl scott
  5. well, went today, totally nervous and got half sick through the interview process...it was very rough, but its now over and im not so stressed...i should know the result on if i passed the interview within 4-8 weeks. If i pass i do the polygraph, medical and bkground check. whew, this is Le Rough!
  6. lol ya, nothin says gangsta like an old navy tee
  7. Today, 10 November, is my bench interview with the Secret Service...today could alter the rest of my life...heading to bed now totally nervous about to wretch. Wish me luck guys
  8. that middle picture above, looks like the kid is saying GET ME THE HELL OUT OF THESE FRIGGIN ORANGE CLOTHES!! VOLS SUX!! GET ME SOME BLUE AND WHITE UK GEAR NOW!!
  9. Christopher Reeve died today at age 52
  10. Since RL is whooping me down anyway and i'm busy with school and all the prep work i'm having to do for the USSS, and since trop is now source, which is something i prolly wont buy, i guess my days of counterstrike with you all are over..sad sad day. oh well, we all must move on whomever is taking my position in FF05 as sponsor head, get in touch with me somehow and I will forward all my contact information of this year's sponsors to you. take care of yourselves and each other. much love puppy
  11. Yeah, I'd hate for my first gig in the secret service to be giving Don a cavity search
  12. consisted of reading/writing/spatial/mathematical skills police report/mapping skills judgment/personal eval/reflection memory skills
  13. I PASSED MY TEST!!! I was tested on 4 categories each being 100% in total and i scored Category 1-100% Category 2-100% Category 3-92% Category 4-90% Also, after my test score came back "passed", I had my initial interview with a secret service agent and passed. So that is two steps out of 6 complete. I was consequently offered a job with the Department of Homeland Security:United States Secret Service Although I have been offered a job, it is still contigent upon 4 more things: 1--Panel Interview due in November with high-ranking Secret Service members 2--Medical/Fitness Examination 3--Polygraph Examination (Lasts about 4-6 hours) 4--Background Check If I successfully pass all of those now, this time next year I should be in training with or working for the United States Secret Service Uniform Division at the White House (more than likely) continue to wish me luck.. thx
  14. I'm kinda superstitious as to even bring this up before I know anything, afriad I'll jinx myself, but anyway, I have my test with the United States Secret Service in the morning and if I pass I will interview with the Director for the U.S.S.S. for the midwest region immediately after the examination is complete. I have not graduated college yet (slated for May of '05), but figured I would go ahead and try out and just see what happens. For those who dont know I am graduating with a B.S. in Police Administration and I plan on getting into the federal government in some capacity, so this would be a good start. Anyway, just pray I dont look like a complete dum-dum during the exam. Downside, i gotta put a suit on and this entrance application is like 45 pages long!! wish me luck thx
  15. indEED.. lance, Dr. Cordner said you have not withdrawn yet, she said you will get an F in CRJ 331 if you dont contact the DOCJT. love ya bro, g/l in Iraq, don't come home via Dover AFB will ya, k?!? peace love dope
  16. that is pwning my 56K and will take 3 hours to download...any way else I can get that phat vid?
  17. i'm between 6'2'' and 6'3'' but I say I'm 6'2'' and we shoulda got a pic with Fatty, Exile and Dweez all together...talk about eerieness
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