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  1. Remington2142

    l4d2 Key Binding

    It worked thanks
  2. Can someone write the key binding for suicide so I can use it please thanks Here are my binding's guy's feel free to use them they work great................ bind "f1" "say_team !buy" bind "f2" "say_team !points" bind "f3" "say_team !heal" bind "f4" "say_team !ammo" bind "f5" "sm_buy; menuselect 3; menuselect 1; menuselect 1" This is the survivor medkit bind "f6" "sm_buy; menuselect 2; menuselect 1; wait 50; slot10" This is to suicide your infected character bind "f7" "say_team !getup" bind "f8" "sm_buy; menuselect 4; menuselect 7; menuselect 1" This is for Fireworks bind "f9" "say_team !jointeam" bind "f10" "say_team !ready" Enjoy these key binding's for the Gamerscoalition server guys...............................................................
  3. Remington2142


    lol I even looked under the 15 minute ban and I was freaking out
  4. Remington2142


    I'm sorry if that was the case I am new at this server it is way different then what I have played over the years all the commands etc. I honestly don't read what people write in the console and if I would have seen it I would have answered to your question. I use a mic on here so I don't have to deal with all the typing. I did type in teams last night to see who all was playing but I didn't know how to close it out so apparently I hit a wrong button that switched me to the other side but anyways I am truly sorry for this matter and I will try and be a little more careful next time.
  5. Remington2142


    Ok well I was able to play again I just got done playing I don't stack teams I do get off the game a lot when playing because of my daughter she has a health problem that is very serious life threatening and she is 9 plus my girlfriend needs me to help her out so that maybe what he's talking about I have never stacked team nor would I ever do such a thing. I have respect for all you Gc players and admins love you all I'm here to have fun rather I'm on a winning team or losing team it's the thrill of playing with people and killing zombies. Thanks Everyone for all your post and comments I really appreciate them Sorry Shaftiel I thought you banned me because of the post message I got from you It's all good brother
  6. Remington2142


    I don't know I'm just very upset right now I bother no one on this server unless they bother me. I treat everyone with respect. but they obviously don't treat people with respect I told them it's just a game were gonna lose it was all because we were all dying in the game and I didn't know how to send my points to another players they were calling me stupid and he's a noob he doesn't know how to read anything on here becasue they were typing it in the console and I didn't know it and I told them to use the mic and they said why you can't read what makes us think you can hear. so I went off on them I dont even know who they were it was 2 guys that play a lot on there I was trying to figure out who it was but I was so upset at that time I didn't see who it was. I'm sorry It was the GCFTW.COM SERVER Shaftiel was the one who sent me the Ban
  7. Remington2142


    So I get banned for a couple cuss words I was asked to not curse anymore and I didn't Lets see you guys have some pretty disrespectful Gc players on here that talk to me and others like were trash. I am new at this server and there are maps I have never played on here and I told them to not talk to me like that. I think the Banning people goes a little to extreme sometimes . I apologize for anything that has happened I thought everything was cool after I had spoke to them after everything had happened about there behavior problems. But anyways I pay you guys $15.00 to be on this server unlike many others and will continue to do so to help Everyone out but not if I'm going to be treated like Dog on the server you guys need to have a talk with your Gc players to have a little Respect. I love this server and enjoy the players and new people. It would nice if I could get un-banned tonight so I can continue my fun on here with everyone and get my moneys worth. I also posted on a post how to join the vent and no response from anyone and I have been playing for a little while on this server and I have asked someone in the server they tried to help but still nothing.
  8. Remington2142

    GC Ventrilo IP, Port and Password

    Hey I'm connecting to vent and i get connected but I can't view anything it says something about my username and password needs to be authenicated or something