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  1. For whoever reads this, Dont follow the link or log-in to your steam account on a website that TurnbullTerror gives you.
    His steam account is currently compromised and if you login to the website he gives you to vote for his team, you will have your credentials stolen as well.


    [12:32 PM]
    Turnbull Admin:
        u here?

    [12:32 PM]
    Murderin Clony:
        Whats up

    [12:32 PM]
    Turnbull Admin:
        Can u please help me?

    [12:33 PM]
    Murderin Clony:
        Sure I guess, whats the issue?

    [12:33 PM]
    Turnbull Admin:
        Can u vote for my csgo team please at upleague?
        need 2 more votes
        team ShonK

    [12:36 PM]
    Murderin Clony:
        I cant vote, it just sends me straight to a quick match to which I need to log in to my steam account to do
        The domain name was created only 20 hours ago.
        Im not going to put my stuff in there man
        Hah truck you buddy, not gunna happen
        CSGO Team ShonK Steam Account Scam (UPDATE VIDEO) (2020) wolfleague.fun

    1. MurderinClony


      Seems this is not only of late, as I see some other people have reported this too but now Turnbull's is compromised. Don't visit any external website that requires you to put your steam information in. I would always check to see the lifespan of the website, whether it was created years ago or just 20 hours ago like that website I was linked.