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  1. Seems that we have another GC member that has been hacked. If you receive a link from Monkey/EvilMonkey asking you to vote for his team, then passing you a link, DO NOT CLICK the link. Its a phishing attempt and can cause you to give away your credentials for steam when you "vote" for his team.

    1. MurderinClony


      [1:05 PM]
          hey bro
          how are u doing?

      [1:05 PM]
      Murderin Clony:
          Not bad, and you?

      [1:05 PM]
          May I ask u for help?

      [1:06 PM]
      Murderin Clony:
          You want me to vote for your CS:GO Team?

      [1:06 PM]
          Can u please vote for my csgo team at fightmain
          need 2 more votes
          team Quartz

      [1:06 PM]
      Murderin Clony:
          trucking called it

      [1:06 PM]
          <Link not included>

      [1:06 PM]
      Murderin Clony:
          Youve been hacked

  2. For whoever reads this, Dont follow the link or log-in to your steam account on a website that TurnbullTerror gives you.
    His steam account is currently compromised and if you login to the website he gives you to vote for his team, you will have your credentials stolen as well.


    [12:32 PM]
    Turnbull Admin:
        u here?

    [12:32 PM]
    Murderin Clony:
        Whats up

    [12:32 PM]
    Turnbull Admin:
        Can u please help me?

    [12:33 PM]
    Murderin Clony:
        Sure I guess, whats the issue?

    [12:33 PM]
    Turnbull Admin:
        Can u vote for my csgo team please at upleague?
        need 2 more votes
        team ShonK

    [12:36 PM]
    Murderin Clony:
        I cant vote, it just sends me straight to a quick match to which I need to log in to my steam account to do
        The domain name was created only 20 hours ago.
        Im not going to put my stuff in there man
        Hah truck you buddy, not gunna happen
        CSGO Team ShonK Steam Account Scam (UPDATE VIDEO) (2020) wolfleague.fun

    1. MurderinClony


      Seems this is not only of late, as I see some other people have reported this too but now Turnbull's is compromised. Don't visit any external website that requires you to put your steam information in. I would always check to see the lifespan of the website, whether it was created years ago or just 20 hours ago like that website I was linked.

  3. This can sometimes happen when someone tries to force an expert campaign lobby into one of our servers, it ends up retaining expert damage amounts but returns to versus mode. I know this because I tested it myself one day.
  4. The best part about all of this is that they think they are fooling people. I love it. Its just so sad to watch that it eventually becomes funny. Aside from the peanut gallery's snide comments, lets get on to this post. 1. Sometime back in 2013 I found out about this server from Jimn, many of you probably don't remember him, and I've been here ever since then, on and off. 2. Can't exactly remember my first day on GC but I do remember my first month or so. I was actually banned for cheating, as was my buddy Jimn. However, we came in in a respectable manner and with a good attitude and "our case" was looked at by the admins. Afterwards, we patiently awaited their decision, be it good or bad. Evidently it was good because low and behold, look who is speaking now, even if Jimn is no longer around. 3. Well aside from Jimn, and even if many of you aren't exactly too keen about her, my best friend, and probably still is, on the server had to be Charon. Say what you want about her, but she is the one who kept me around the longest out of anyone else. I probably wouldn't have stayed and made more friends if it wasn't for her. Sadly, many of you only knew of her gaming side. She was a really great friend, even if she would get mad at you. 4. Mostly what keeps me coming back to play is the community that we have here, minus the merry band of misfits that is on their way out currently. These servers try to keep all the toxicity that is the L4D2 community out. That is what I love most about these servers and what brings me back to this server more than any other. 5. GC has showed me humility. For a long time I thought I was pretty good at the game, until I met Swatfishy and a handful of other one man armies like General. As much as I liked to try, I just couldn't seem to top them, so I finally admitted defeat and left it at the fact that they are just better than I could ever be. 6. Some of the fondest memories of GC that I have are when no one knew that hunters were so dangerous, except maybe those one many armies. When me and Jimn joined, after our ban and a few other events, everyone started looking and waiting for hunters at all times. Sure it was bound to happen at some point but I remember how me and Jimn helped that idea along very rapidly. As for sad ones, I have plenty, but none I would really care to share. 7. Don't particularly have any song that reminds me of GC because I never listen to music when I play L4D2, I just focus on the sounds of the game. 8. My goal next year is to finish my contractor work and be hired on as a full time employee of Rolls Royce Nuclear. As for L4D2, I should probably get better at looking at the chat and seeing when people need points. I tend to miss those crucial requests quite often.
  5. If we wait until next week, I can stream it on my new computer. Even if not, Ill try to make it there this saturday
  6. Things seem to be going pretty swimmingly for me at the moment. I've got a new job in a new city and I've just settled in to my new apartment today. For the first time, I'll be living alone. Hell yeah!

    1. looneypumpkin


      Congrats! Where you move to?

  7. I know I haven't tried it yet so I don't know if this is a real problem or not, but what counts as one of these hordes being "defeated," I ask because it says only 1 at a time. Could the survivors just leave one alive and the infected not be able to spawn in another one? Or is it when a majority of them die like maybe 75%?
  8. The Minecraft server with GT New Horizons installed has just been wiped and starting fresh. Its open to anyone, so if you'd like to join, heres the IP: For more info, go to the Minecraft forums, the rest is there.

  9. We will actually be generating a new map so that everyone can start fresh, although we will keep a backup of our old map. So if anyone wants to join, now's the time. Brand new map, absolutely bare. I'll hop in the Rust discord voice channel, since there is no longer or never was a Minecraft channel, whenever Im on, if anyone wants to check it out.
  10. Or can you make it more powerful? Like maybe a buy option for non-stop hordes? Or make the horde option spawn a horde of about 50-60? To make it worth it? Dunno if possible or not but...
  11. Oh yeah, it definitely will, there are 200+ mods on it. My buddy has the server updated, Ill pass the IP in a bit, when I figure it out. The game itself takes a while to load too. Make sure that the launcher has at least 5GB dedicated for it, cause this pack will need it. Edit: Server IP: Yes that is 75 not 65.
  12. Honestly Soda, if I were in Deadlocks shoes, I would feel proud and defeated at the same time. I would feel proud mainly because I was so good that I was deemed a cheater by not one, not two, not three, nor four, nor five, I was deemed a cheater by ten to twenty plus people, and that I was banned from a server because I was too good. I would also feel defeated because even though I tried to appeal my ban, it was never finished. I would have held my head high as I walked. However, he chose to slide his way back in with subterfuge and continue to argue and slander his own name.
  13. Its quite a lot of fun, this sort of minecraft takes forever, which is nice cause the normal game is too fast. My buddy is already up to magic while Im still barely reaching Tier 3 (Low Voltage). If anyone wants to join us, just 2 or 3 of us at the moment, show some interest in here and Ill get my buddy to get it updated and back running.
  14. There is a modpack out for Minecraft that me and my buddy have been playing on for a while now. it is called GT New Horizons and there is a good summary of if based on a quick video at the end of this post. Its a very difficult modpack as explained in the video and has provided us with more than 3-4 weeks worth of content and we haven't even made it to the 3rd Tier shown in the video. If anyone is interested in joining, my buddy can keep the server up to date and open it up for others. Some things he didn't mention are some of the multiblock structures, which I think are really awesome and can be seen in the video but not really explained. For example, In order to make a smeltery you need at least a 3x1 hollowed area surrounded by Seared Brick with a Seared Tank for holding lava, which is used to smelt the metals, and a Seared Controller to place in the metals to be smelted. This can be further extended upwards for more smelting space, as long as it there is at least a 3x3 hollwed area all the way down to the bottom of the smeltery. Anyways, its a fun, aggravating, and enjoyable mod, just thought maybe some people who still play might like to join us or who would like to come back but GC doesn't have a server for it anymore. [video=youtube;omqVokmUMmE]
  15. I came here to check out the new update notes and see a debate over healing spams? Can we put this in an appropriate forum post rather than spam it here.
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