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  1. This was an epic weekend of camping out with friends. Music and parties. The B-52s opened the show, which was interesting. A lot of Who fans were confused I think...lol We had a great view, about 30 yards directly in front of Pete.
  2. I had not been playing. Then I fooled around for about 5hrs the other day, hence the blisters...lol
  3. Yes, I need to rember as a member to explain, then leave it alone.
  4. Elvis


    I play a lot of TF2 on the FUG SERVERS. It's a friendly server. A lot like what you do here at gc. full disclosure; me is an admin for Fug
  5. I believe the intro was written and played on a phone using midi. That's as far as I got.....\o/
  6. This is why the Terrorist hate us!
  7. SteelSeries is at the top of the line for me. Dunno if i can pay near $100 for a mouse... Although it may #buymesomeskill
  8. G700 looks nice for about $56 on ebay. The Rat is too RAD 4 meh.
  9. LoL We were joking about while on the server between rounds.
  10. Elvis


    BTW just to be clear. The real Elvis may not have a lot of time on his hands for playing vid-games. It's me altar ego. Just didn't want to have peeps think me a troll.
  11. I'm currently looking for a new mouse. I've been using the same MX510 forever and I think it's time to upgrade. So, what is the best mouse? What is on your rig? Elvis
  12. To the toon of "Pump it Up!" 1978 E. Costello & The Attactions I've been on tenterhooks givin Maestro dirty looks Listenin to the Musak thinkin bout this and that He said. "That's that I don't want to chitter chat" Ban 'em just a little bit Or Perma-ban 'em flat PUMP IT UP!
  13. Elvis


    TheDude, I just signed up. I hear it may take 24hrs or so to get my Steam ID put in.
  14. Elvis


    The wife and I.
  15. Elvis


    I've been playing on your server for a while now. It's the best Team Versus server on Steam. I know a lot of peeps already. Hate that Maestro guy....JK JK...my fav admin. Good people..Good times Elvis BTW i have a smoking hot wife
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