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  1. im back! ive been away from gc for a while now, finally decided to get back to the community i love

  2. Ide be into helping anyone get into dota, would be fun to have more gc ppl to play with.
  3. Merry Christmas peoples!

    1. Reomet


      Merry Christmas!

  4. meeting new family members of my uncles, wish me luck ;P

  5. Happy thanks giving ppls, have fun to eating until you pass out.
  6. he's good in the safe lane if oyu want to fight erly and shut down the other teams carry, personaly i think earth spirit is better tehnember right now because ember is more of a carry, but dosent give that much carrywise and needs farm and lvls to be afactive, waheras earth spirit just needs very few lvls to be able to do stff adn i think can be seen run as a suport or an oflane and is just a more versitle hero then ember is. (sry about spelling errors spell check wasnt working adn im lazy)
  7. Its friday ppls, time to do a whole lot of nothing

  8. Is their a way to check when your membership is expired? cus i can't remember when i got mine

    1. san`


      November 10th.

  9. From what i've read, it seems that bile needs a slight nerf, but not a complete removal. I like this server because it stays true to basic l4d aspects and doesn't have any fancy crap in it like 10x speed boomers, or "special" tanks with more hp or anything and I personally would like it to stay that way. I like having the points gained from booming the tank to be taken away, or making it cost a bit more. Maybe we could vote on it and go from their, just so we can get a more statistical aporthc to this, and see how many people actually want bile to be removed, or for it to be nerfed or to be left alone.
  10. im almost back to l4d, my concution i got on nov. 13 is almost recovered and i should be back in the server in a week or so. Thank god this is almost over,(I can play some other games now though, ones without guns and flashy stuff)

  11. If anyone does want to learn or get better im happy to help, but if you want to get into it the best way is to do the tutorial it offers and to read/watch a guide for starting to play dota. (and trust me the first week will probably suck and maby make you tinklee doff alot, but it is so much fun after you get past that initial learning curve)
  12. Yo if anyone follows all sham no wow on twitch, hes streaming on the l4d server right now , just though that ws kindof a cool thing

  13. welp concussions suck :P cant game for a bit and end of my soccer season, sad times..

    1. FacePalmSmash


      did you concuss the other person better at least? :-p get well!

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