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  1. is the discord server in use? can I get an invite?
  2. Name is FacePalmSmash, STEAM_1:1:18191775
  3. Good day all, Hope everyone is well. Been gone along time so not sure if many remember me, but used to play a lot. I was trying to re-purchase my membership before hopping back in(fear of being kicked right when matches get good when it's full) but get a "you can only purchase one of this item" error. I saw in a diff forum that someone else had this issue, and someone was just able to reissue an invoice. Wanted to make a separate post here at the top of a forum to make sure it wouldn't get missed. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey, I've been gone along time, had real life issues come up. Also experiencing this issue. Could you reissue me the invoice as well? I'd like to jump back in and fear being kicked mid match.
  5. I'd like to go, i'm not dead, just been so kneed deep IRL due to job promotion last fall. Got a ton of vacation time banked though. Would depend on how much L4D2 it would be vs other games, so guess i Got to wait to see how the roster for the event shapes up
  6. the yahoo draft analasys, which never ammounts to squat, says i had the best draft lol
  7. I'm pretty satisfied with how my auto draft turned out, just got home from work.
  8. i just saw my auto draft from the other league, im more than impressed with the auto draft gods
  9. Yes. Tonight as it says. I'm rushing to get out work, got stuck with a customer. But draft should be auto set to go.
  10. What Felix said. 830 eastern. Left all settings and scoring the same as last year. Seems like we may have more talented squads this year since we lost two teams. I'm at work til 630. I'll check forums when I get home to see if anyone steps forward to take last two spots
  11. Two spots open, maybe one, yoshi asked for the link but has yet to register. first response gets it, maybe two, WHRE ARE THOU YOSH
  12. Hi there, just made a thread for league one. This whole working a corporate job for the first time in my life has been whooping my personal times butt but i'm getting the league set up. have 10/12 people renewed from last year, and will drop the two that havent if they havent opted in by the end of the work. Mr mustard is already rsvp'd for one of the spots, next person to PM me will get the second, AND THIS IS SOLEY BASED on if people from last year do not renew. sorry ive been so wishy washy with my presence lately, work work more work. anyways, thanks for being patient, and lets have some fun!
  13. Good tidings, the best time of year is just around the corner... FOOTBALL. I've been really busy with my new job lately but know i have to get this set up before the season starts. So please post the best times for you to draft here so i can figure something out. I saw taht someone wants a draft pre 8 pm, where most of my work days end at 8, and i'm sure others have their own issues. So.. post here times, any concerns that arose last year, and lets get this rolling. two of last years teams have not renewed and I have one person who wants to join if possible, so if you dont rsvp by the end of this week, im giving up un renewed spots. And a reminder, this is for fun, no money involved, so lets not take ourselves to seriously this year, lets get ready for soooome foooootballlllll
  14. I would definitely make it work this year. Last year i paid, but something came up and i couldnt make it. Luckily flitter was awesome and still sent me my shirt, my pint glass, and a few retro shirts from year past(thanks for that!). but this year i would definitely be down to go pending any real life come uppances.
  15. i've played like 4x ever tumbler. wanna play together?! that being said, one of my friends not in GC is FEROCIOUS at this game. name is blastafuzix on steam. i join servers hes on just to tinkle him off when i suck the forums changed my word to tinkle, which is fine, but i feel like my sentence loses a bit of steam hahaha.
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