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Found 17 results

  1. 10 GC leagues 6 championship losses 2 playoff exits and 2 non playoff years. In those 6 ships I only faced 3 different players......Pronounce my name 3 straight leagues, Boilers bookend Prounouce's Run on me and Lookback got one in there.
  2. Training camps begin, well, pretty much now. Three weeks to first regular season games. Check in please so I know where we stand body-wise. As it stands if all return (for some values of participating return) we can still add 2 more teams as we finished last year with 8. My Puck Tastes Funny and Puck Monkeys are go. The rest on that roster I would like a yes/no from as I think the auto-renew just auto-renewed without confirmation all the teams. Also, how about we drop back on keepers this year? Granted, the decisions will be brutal, but we could drop down to two keepers from three (or even just one...) to get some more player action for the draft going.
  3. One month unitl the regular season. Where does the time go... Reccomendation. Two GC leagues. One seasonal, the other keeper.
  4. Here is a breakdown of the 3 key aspects 1. Scoring....over all points scored really shows the best teams 2. Finishing place nuff said 3. Record including the playoffs I had 8 teams and they went like this Scoring #3 FINISH- Semi finals RECORD 10-4 This is my office league....we have a nice plaque and my name is not on it.... no one's is on it twice.....a different winner each year for 7 years now.. #1 Runnerup 10-5 (GC #2) Brides maid agian in GC league........go figure. #7 Quarter finals 6-8 I had no business being in the play offs......look at the next one.... #2 missed playoffs!!?!! 7-7 this is what bugs me the most about FF .... #1 RUNNER UP 13-3 MY BEST TEAM lost 125- 157 really the guy blew UP #1 RUNNER UP 12-4 lost 110 - 136 #5 missed playoffs 6-8 (GC RINGER LEAGUE) #2 *CHAMPION* 12-4 My only CHIP of the year and it was with my least productive "good" team
  5. I put 20 bucks into Draftkings 3 weeks ago and got comped 3 more. I sit today at 29.60 week 1 played 6 dollars Would have won some but Eli crapped the bed that Monday Night winning 0 account:$17 week 2 played 6 dollars Crapped the bed. winning 0 account: $11 week 3 played 10 dollars. Won in 5 lobbies winning 28.60 account 29.60 playing 9 dollars this week over 3 lobbies ( $5, $3, $1)
  6. Well, be glad no one had Kozun on their roster tonight. NSFL warning... http://gfycat.com/QueasyUnitedGharial
  7. In case you were wondering what happened to the smack talk feature in football and fantasy leagues Yahoo "enhanced" it by making it all but useless and hidden at the same time. The overlapping chat bubble on the right side of the main league menu next to the fantasy option dropdown. Click it and a league-wide smack talk block appears. You either have it hovering over a chunk of the page blocking bunch of stuff, or it is completely gone - no option to just swing it up without hitting that chat button again. If you are in more than one league... enjoy... that's another click to choose which smack talk you want.
  8. Look for the new channel in mumble "BLOODY SUNDAYS NFL football talk" I'll most likely be in there most of the day. Join me if you like to celebrate with others......or curse the refs.....what ever you are all about. Fantasy Smack talk welcome as well!
  9. Good tidings, the best time of year is just around the corner... FOOTBALL. I've been really busy with my new job lately but know i have to get this set up before the season starts. So please post the best times for you to draft here so i can figure something out. I saw taht someone wants a draft pre 8 pm, where most of my work days end at 8, and i'm sure others have their own issues. So.. post here times, any concerns that arose last year, and lets get this rolling. two of last years teams have not renewed and I have one person who wants to join if possible, so if you dont rsvp by the end of this week, im giving up un renewed spots. And a reminder, this is for fun, no money involved, so lets not take ourselves to seriously this year, lets get ready for soooome foooootballlllll
  10. PLz join mumble if your able - much more fun that way.
  11. I've made the championship in one of the two leagues! LETS.GET.IT.ON
  12. Rough week for myself. GC#2 came down to Roddy White vs Bilal Powell in a nearly tied game..... Roddy White had his best game of the season....... Powell had his worst...... League#1 I played Two who is actually #1 and my third and fourth highest point earners were my kicker and defense.....nuff said. btw Panthers suck and I'm ready for a new coaching staff. Steve Smith is borderline hall of famer who has been dropping critical passes for the last 2-3 years and fumbling at the worst time ( kicking green bays butt 3 years ago arguably in their prime) Ole Steve started my sunday football game off great with a wide open drop on a perfect pass in the endzone on third and goal. Next drive 3r down around the 20-30 near the red zone wide open drop on perfect pass. Then just for good measure his understudy drops the 4th and 1 wide open perfect pass standing still....... yeah not a happy Panther camper
  13. These have crashed and burned well before take off the last couple of years. If we can get 16 (12, 10...) saying yes here, I'll turn the switch on, but ain't gonna set it up before then. Obligatory non-vaporware GC shirt to league winner. IN: Flitterkill Biggs Lookback MattKemp Mohawk Rennen Tirtul
  14. I drafted #1, #1 and #2 in leagues this year. Not bad!! In a particular league: TDs are 6 (not 3) Completions are 0.5pts 1 pt per 25 yds For the record, I've never taken a QB in round 1, ever. EVER! This goes against every ounce of logic in my skull. Unfortunately, when I crunch the #s for this particular league, Brady is #1 by a huge margin. But... Tomlinson is clearly the #1 pick in every fantasy site out there and my mock drafts show I'm better off drafting Tomlinson. However... this league has some idiots who'll draft D. Anderson or some other stiff which means I could still grab a solid RB if I take a QB in round 1. Suggestions (from anyone other than SJ)?
  15. Skysports.com has a free league setup. I already joined up and was wondering if any of you were interested in joining a league with me? I'll probably invite other people as well (i.e. not from GC) but mainly I think it would be fun to just have a way to compete with people I know and not just strangers in a giant league. http://www.skysports...antasyfootball/ Once your team is created join the league with this PIN: 2340376
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