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Status Updates posted by Soda

  1. FYI - Server 1 is down until I figure out what was causing it to repeatedly reboot

  2. ok i fixed it 🤑

  3. Heads up - latest L4D2 update blew up sourcemod. I am working to fix it asap

  4. Both servers now running identical configurations besides the difference of addon permissions.

    Server #1 doesn't allow addons, Server #2 does allow.

    Will try this for a bit!

  5. Store updated - Monthly and Yearly memberships are back available for all tiers!

    Still PayPal only at the moment. If this prevents you from purchasing a membership, please let me know!

  6. Currently turboblasting my brain on the stats plugin.

    Alpha test coming soon which intends to track all survivor kill stats, e.g. boomer headshots with AK, smoker total kills with AWP, etc.

  7. New Poll live now!
    Submit your vote 💯

  8. I updated some styling on the site recently. Please message me if you see anything that looks weird!

    Also added some new icons and banners (very cool)

  9. My rename plugin is live on the L4D2 server now. If working as expected, it should catch many players joining with inappropriate terms in their name and rename them something goofy before they load in. Let me know if anyone sees something broken or unexpected related to it, please and thanks!

  10. New quality of life plugin added to L4D2 server: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=319988

    Fixes stumble direction on repeated shoves.

  11. Poll #2 is live in Left 4 Dead 2 forum, go submit your vote!

  12. Balance changes to be introduced right after the poll closes so they will be tested during the weekend!

    Update notes will be posted right before go-live.

  13. Membership is available for purchase with Paypal!

    $2/month or $15/year 🤑

  14. NEW POST!!!


  15. Glad to be back <3

    1. MaxRockatansky


      Welcome back boi

  16. elite gandalf

    1. Soda


      where art thou

  17. for those who are interested i posted my highest kill round here

    1. Liv


      wow. I can barely get 20. Good job! :)


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