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  1. my autoexe says: bind "F1" "sm_buy"
  2. I got one very nice xd believe in your mexican guy
  3. Someone please give Mr. Piano a cup of tea. I love the new map. We could try Parish at night. Please, why don't I have a death achiviement yet?
  4. I agree with many aspects. Especially the Hunter, hell, do you know what it is vs a game against Red Devil, Sushi, Joda or Shaft? He was already nerfed the hunter once, but that greatly increased the marksmen's ability. And I dare say that hunters do too. Something that I really don't share is about modifying the spitter. I understand that spitt and die is an old term and for us who have been here for years before new users. I don't think we should modify the wait time on a new upload. Remember that when we are contained in a good team it is easy to die and someone is already waiting to be a spitter. There are spots where if we all cooperate as a spitter, we end up with a team or several of them before leaving. Imagine that we only have two spitters for the team and that only two users use it, we would lose that power in that strategic place of the game. (For pointing out the exit to go for weapons in the third chapter of mercy). As for the boomers, we are talking about modifying the point for vomiting. Do you remember good shooters too? This also affects us here, there are games where I spend half a map without vomiting someone (blame red), if you managed to arrive and vomit two, it is a profit. It's still a challenge to use the rocket boomer if you have good shooters on the other team. With Love, Max AKA Gambit
  5. Sorry to read about this, my deepest condolences to Merc. I have been lost the last month, I share the feelings of many as Merc or Maestro. I reiterate. Don't turn your shelter into another source of stress. Hug for all
  6. Good that this opportunity occurs. Looney, you don't think we need more reasons like "troll", "suicide". "rush" in the administrator menus for kick or ban? It happened to me once that I banned once for "inappropriate language" because we don't have an option to troll. Either way, I miss being able to ban or kick the old-fashioned way. using the! ban 1400 Looney "hax" :c
  7. I have a couple of opinions about it. I share (sometimes) Carlos' strategies. I personally like it a lot when it hides in the saferom and ends up like a tank. it is a great strategy. I sometimes imitate her on a couple of maps to save time, I remember last week, I hid in the first map of HardRain and the survivors could not finish the round, I save time for the spitters and the tank to do more damage in the saferoom. Secondly, I think we cannot kick another person for using only an infected person, even when we have new boys and they abuse the spitter, we get tired of saying "spitt and die", we cannot slay them, that's a Advantage for the infected team, I want to think that sometimes those new boys are the limitations of a team, just as you have subjects like General who help you in the round, it is compensated when we have a new boy who likes to explore the map. So we can't slay that guy who "holds" the spitter, what if the other team doesn't have an administrator to do it? it is already a disadvantage. What is the point of this example? The same, we cannot kick a boy for using only one class of infected. It is like "kicking" Sooshi for using jockeys exclusively. or kick someone else for using only boomers. We all know how hunters work, the stealthier you are, the better, on some maps you have to get far enough away to be away from the radar of the other guys (cof. Cof, Apple hax). And you know what? these guys for using the hunter (and using it correctly) get to get 100 points just for high pounces. They have the right to use the infected, everyone develops a skill with an infected and it is their right to use it for the benefit of their round. Come on, it's like telling Tatsuya to only use smg because it's too good. The point here, we cannot remove someone for using only one class of infected. Third point. Speaking of administrators. I think I want to do something about managing administrators. It would be nice if we cannot ban another administrator, it is not the right thing. I think that there are hardly ever differences between one and the other, but if they do come, I ask (my opinion) that the differences be settled with a private message, not exposing the members in a difference of opinions between two examples from the community. The other part, I would like another administrator to be allowed to kick, why? Sometimes we crash, we stay in afk for some reason and it is too practical to be able to kick the user, if the problem is solved it will return without problems. This option is correct, you would not like an administrator to stay afk for 20 seconds and put the team at a disadvantage, right? Guys, please, we are living difficult situations everywhere. It is hard for everyone. Let's not turn our refuge into another source of stress. Administrators are here for you, and for you. The community (which fortunately returns as in its best times). Think about it. We are all still here for the same reason, the friendships we made many years ago. Peace for all. Hugs
  8. Hola Tomas, lamento llegar tarde al hilo, Como te dice Maestro, hay muchos usarios que hablan español, como yo, soy administrador en el servidor de juego, estoy o trato de estar todos los dias. Para tu buena suerte (o la buena suerte de nuestros compañeros Latinos) soy administrador, puedo ayudarte y guiarte. Y tratar de orientarte para que todos podamos jugar bien, sin malos rollos. Ojo, siempre apego al respeto y las reglas del servidor. Fuiste desbaneado. Cualquier duda puedes mandar un MP. Nos vemos en el server. Saludos. Max.
  9. Ty Rookie! I know looney, ty for you love. I hope Ripajes be okay u.u
  10. Hello everyone! I have been away from home two days, the two longest days of my life, I cried the last night, without sleep and with the heart I throw pieces. I do not have many words about it, I just have a great impotence for not being where I should be, with my people and my blood. Fortunately I live in a very distant area where the misfortune that attacked my people is done, (if you do not know what I'm talking about, turn on the tv). Tonight I get home and take refuge in my second home (gc) .. These two days I have hit the phone to know that my people, family and friends are well, (I still have no news Ripajes) .. My social networks are invaded by the worst strata I imagine. But I share what my people do together. If you want to see a little more, follow the link-. http://www.sopitas.com/796678-estas-imagenes-del-sismo-te-haran-recobrar-la-fe-mexico/ Do you want to help? Even if it's a cup of coffee? Help is welcome! Help the "Topos" https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topos_Tlatelolco TOPOS @ JAPON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrcAlf1Jx-A MORE JAPON https://youtu.be/umLMKDszN1k TOPOS @ HAITI http://www.sopitas.com/796745-topos-reaparicion-32-anos-terremoto-85/ México te necesita. Tu contribución puede hacer una gran diferencia. Apoya a los Topos, una organización mexicana especializada en labores de rescate tras los terremotos. Dona con PayPal siguiendo estos sencillos pasos: 1. Accede a tu cuenta PayPal a través de www.paypal.com o la aplicación móvil. 2. Selecciona “Enviar pago por artículos o servicios”. 3. En el destinatario, escribe el correo electrónico de los Topos: donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org. 4. Ingresa la cantidad que desees donar y pulsa “Enviar pago”. El 100% de tu contribución será donada a la organización. Sorry if this is out of place. I just wanted to share this a bit, I came to the server to clear my mind, I'm seeing these images all day and it's a lot for me. You can delete the post if it is out of place. Hug. Max. Edit. Tats. The Steelers be the No. 1
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