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  1. Guys, I now have two newer (used) cars 2004 pontiac vibe (in excellent condition) 2005 scion XA (in excellen condition). I used to wash my cars with Dawn dishwater soap and my friends told me dish soap will ruin the painjob. I never really waxed my cars and I think their right. After only about 3 years they began to oxidize. After 5 years they WERE TERRIBLE. These same freinds use car soap with carnuba wax in the soap and their paint jobs are pretty good. So I'm looking for some advice on how to car for our cars. I would like to know if a cordless polisher is necessary or a waste of time? I purashed some online polishes and wax, interior car products. I don't like son of a gun because it leaves a residue and turns the plastics white or ashy. I'll probably try to polish by hand but is it better to buy the cordless orbital? also what about the plastic lenses. The Pontiacs are just starting to cloud up just a bit. I read up on this and they recommend getting a plexipolish and using a polishing ball on a drill and doing this to keep the plastic crystal. I'd be afarid of scratching the plastic lens or something like that? Anyone have advice for me. By the way, I bought the scion XA because all the autos with power windows, mp3, and air blue booked for about 11-12K I saw it online on yahoo at hunington beach mitsubishi for 8900. I drove out there and it was in PERFECT condition. even with 63000 it BBK'd for just over 12 with full features (no sun roof). I talkem into 8500 and got the car for payments of 150.00 for 5 years. Aug
  2. Ok guys, my Geo Metro broke and its a throw away car... Wifee and I own a Pontiac vibe which she drives... SHE WANTS TO BUY ANOTHER PONTIAC VIBE!!! I told her I'd rather buy another FRIKIN GEO then buy a 2nd EXACT car. I've never met or seen anyone who owns the exact same make and model in the same fam. She's insistant that it's better to own 2 cars of the same make and model than to go buy a chevy aveo (the new geo metro of today). My gut feeling is I'd rather drive the crappy car than have my neighbors all looking at us funny What do you think? Aug
  3. ahhh dweez, what are you some calvinist : ) I was just playing around. So now I have to go and prove you wrong. By the end of the year, I'll see if I can get an angel to stop bye so you can see the angel eat a double double (by the way they say even double doubles are better than manna). Aug
  4. anynamo, Dude I was dying laghing reading about the civet coffee. I did a search and the first link I found was just craking me up. It was a positive review on the flavor of the coffee but in a satire sort of way. They talk about having his first cup of cat$$ beans. I was dying on the whole site. Sorry I love coffee but not enough to take some animal dung and pop it in my machine. I'll stick my epsresso and lattes. Imagine putting cat poo in your cup of coffee (it's not really a cat but whats the flippin difference). Aug
  5. Coffee is good for you. it kills the germs in your blood
  6. LOL preach, I am an addict. When you see someone throwing lattes around in the hardware/software arena you know there is something really, truly, deeply wrong with that person. I simply cannot stop. Latte!!! Latteeeeee!!! LLLLLAAAAATTTTTEEEEE!!!!!! I think Lattes are from God and I think I can prove it biblically, philisophically, artistically, mathmatically, emotionally. The rest of my life will be proving that lattes are better than angels grub "manna". HAHA ANGELS, TOP THAT! Aug
  7. http://www.circuitcity.com/ccd/productDeta...p;cm_keycode=92 My wife got me one for christmas, You wont be sorry. Drop a quad in it and OC it to about 10,000,000,0000 gigahertz and kiss starbucks goodbye
  8. Guys, does this amd need a dual rail power supply like the intel cpus. I did some searching and cant seem to find if it does. Aug
  9. I'll drop some thermal paste on there and if it does not speed up I'll prob purch a new proc. Thanks for the help guys. Aug
  10. I didn't put any thermal paste on at all? Will the affect it's performance? Aug
  11. Guys, I have two pc's for video editing. my main pc is an e6600 with 4 gb of ram my second is a p4 3.0 ht with 1 gb of ram the p4 was taking forever to render videos so I upgraded my pc and made my p4 a second pc. the p4 had quite working so I exchanged the mb and it works (not fast however). When I render in Cararra 3d a animation 1 frame on my e6600 takes about 3.5 minutes per frame my p4 takes approx 36 minutes per frame. This gap seems to large to me and I'm starting to think my p4 chip may be damaged or is going bad. What is the likelyness of this happening? Is it even possible? Aug
  12. Lunk, I've been editing for about 2 year on a pc both desk and lap. My inclination in delving into researching both is you'll pay alot of money to get very little. with a PC you can buy Sony Vegas 6 for 99$ and then buy the upgrade to vegas pro 8 for 250 and you have some serious editing power. The nice thing about sony vegas is IT IS SIMPLE to use. Very powerful and Very simple. so just for more info on the editing I recommend a core 2 duo lap for like 1000.00 (dell) with 2-4 gigs of ram and vegas for about 350.00 and you'll have all you need to do editing (even on a prof end). If you don't want something too complicated (though vegas is easy it is also in depth like all prof editing progs). You can get the smaller Vegas Plat for about 130.00 Both come with DVD architecture software. Also get SATA 2 for whatever you get for external drive editing. You'll need it cause 1 vid will cosume lots of drive space. I like the rosewill esata 2 + usb external enclosure cause it has both the esata for my desktop and usb2 for my laptop. Hope this helps, Aug
  13. sorry guys, I had forgotten to post this one my bud sent me. Aug
  14. play, sorry bout the bad news. I hope things turn out for you as well. The portfolio idea is great. Even if you have to do some work at home just for the portfolio to show off your skills. I always use music and arts as a way of communicating that which I fail at and it usually works out pretty good. Try to keep in mind that they are people just like you and I (when interviewing) and they have NOTHING on you nor should you be INTIMIDATED by them. You have God with you and that is all any of us need. God bless bro, Aug
  15. no fx, did you go to my website www.gigpc.net and d/l the whole song reversed? Give it a listen and see if you think it's a intentional or non-intentional. Also what do you make of Alister Crowley and the fact that Jimmy bought a house from Crowley? Does it make you wonder? Aug
  16. Shaft, I agree. I see no benefit for anyone execept self entertainment, in doing such things. I do believe they did this either on purpose or was posessed (I know it sounds silly) because he pronounces his words funny foward. Like "spring clean for the may queen" is actually "spring clean for the may quee" Now indeed most people probably remember hearing "queen" because their mind plugs in the rest sort of like this example: Disn yland your brain was able to plug in what was needed to complete the word or: yuo vahe nees ssemesge thta rae lal mixed pu. not hard to read huh? so when he says may quee, we actually hear "may queen". However this min pronounciation backwards is what makes "he will give those with him 666". The only strange part is that the "k" sound of "mae-kween" is gone. you would think it would sound like "eeewk will give those with him" but somehow the K sound of queen gets silenced when played backwards. I think there are a number of reasons this happens 1) the snare drum hits on this same syllable 2) this flange effect may mask or help mask certain things. So I'm not convinced it is a supernatural event as I was at first, but I still do believe there is a lot there for them to have figure out on there own so I still "feel" that its origin may be beyond human. Aug
  17. ok, I posted the clips up and the whole song try hearing the foward clip then the backward also there is a back to back clip. Notice how the phonics are changed in the reverse direction. "it's just a spring clean for the may queen" - "he will give those with him 666" granted the 666 sounds more like "sick sick si" but close enough for me. but what puzzles me is how the "k" sound of the word Queen is gone and it becomes he. I do notice that there is a strange flange to the whole song. A flange is a effect that makes it sound like a weaving in and out of a tonal quality. like listneing to a seashell over your ear and moving it back and forth to and from the ear. I have a feeling that may have something to do with it. Like a technology that allowed them to do this, OR the flange sound is from hell : ) kidding. Anyhow give me your thoughts, Aug
  18. Bewildered,I have a hard time with random when foward the strange lyrics of the song say "cause you know sometimes words have two meaning, ooooh it makes me wonder".Also.."The piper (satan according to crowley) will lead us to reason" "the pipers calling you to join him""yes there are two paths that you can go by, but in the long run theres still time to change the road your on".and there seems to be a solid theme backwards (broken I admit, but still a theme)"cause I live with satan""heres to my sweet satan""he will give those with him 666""theres no escaping it"I have a hard time thinking these are just a happen stance...why not..."rodney dangerfield has monkeys in his margarita"or"too too bad I'm a bowl full of rice krispies, shut up fool! get those lizzards off me"seems a bit odd these clear statements of satan are in there several times.Just an opinion and even I'm skeptical to my viewpoint : ) But as plant says....Makes me wonder.AugI'll post up the whole song backwards on my website.go to gigpc.net and d/l it there.Aug
  19. Ok, years ago in high school (approx 1985) I remember hearing excerpts from SWTH by led zep. As years have passed I finally (using software) was able to take the song and reverse it and give it a listen. I was amazed at how many things I heard and before I read them. Now it's true that years ago I heard them but ONLY 2. I remember quite well watching TBN with paul crouch JR. as hid 2 track recorder and I remember hearing the "I live with satan" and "heres to my sweet satan". But now I listened to the whole and heard many other statements. After giving it a few listens I read on the internet and found that people had found the same statements like ..."theres no escaping it" and "he will give those with him 666". Ok so heres the ? Is it supernatural? Is it a gimmick? After reading that LedZ was influenced and Guitarist JP even bought Alisters house (major satanist) it makes me think it's supernatural. Supposedly in a book on Led Z the night SWTH was written plant wrote that his hand just started writing the words and I'm starting to wonder if it aint true. I say that because I think if you do read what most people hear (both christian and non-christian) the whole song MIGHT be backwards. For example, most won't notice it when listening but the very beginning opens "playyyy backward, hear why it's sung here, oppositioner." Now the power of suggestion is strong but I can't see how other phrases like "scooby doobey doo, where are you" fit. So we argue well it has to be close like... "pay it backbeard, hairy its hung here" But when carefully examined I think these people are right, fundamentalist or liberal... to me it sounds exactly like what others hear..."backward, hear why it's sung here." seems clear "playyyy" and "oppositioner" I'm not sure about. My point is I think they were into something really dark and for someone to convince me it's a coincidence or it's in my mind and its all jibberish does not prove anything to me to disregard what I hear. Now I'm not ruling out that it could be a gimmick, indeed people are smart and so I do not put it past anyone to pull it off. But at this point I'm convinced more they were satanic and this song was not of human origin. Aug
  20. I don't have panda IS? I have panda AV? Think theres a difference? Aug also it only did it 2 times and hasnt bothered me since. I'm kinda still afraid of some hacker or virus though. Aug
  21. You guys know what this is? I did a yahoo search on it and found some virus related posts. My system seems to act totally normal and my panda av is functioning normal. I see only virus related posts however to this msg. a couple times my system came up with this msg: Centinel.vxd (cant remember if it said it was not responding or what). Any help would be appreciated. Aug
  22. auggybendoggy


    check this one out!
  23. I liked the skit and especially for the fact that it shows who's reponsible for our salvation. I find it interesting that in some skits it's not a happy ending though it is God who is reponsible for our salvation; He just can't seem to get back to his child. Again, this leads me to the very posts about UR (universal reconciliation). In the viewpoint, Since man is born with no free will (he is enslaved to sin from the womb) It is God who must reconcile man unto God. That is exactly what he did. Had the child actually managed to kill herself does God damn her forever? Is the all powerful all knowing God able to find his child and restore her? We depend on a cocktail recipe of free will people that we clearly also believe are fully in bondage to sin that need to be saved. Then again, who's trying to kill the child? God or sin? Did Jesus die to save us from God? I believe the scriptures bare out that God is indeed in love with every one of his offspring (see acts 17) and that he seeks to save EVERY single man. I also believe scripture bears out that his motive and goal is to have mercy on EVERY individual (romans 11) I also believe that if he fully loves them, fully understands they are blind from sin; and fully is capable of finding them and restoring them; THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT HE HAS DONE AND IS DOING. (see col 1) God has reconciled all things unto himself and ALL THINGS HAVE BEEN MADE SUBJECT TO HIM (see heb 2) though we don't see it at this time (according to heb 2) IT IS SO! So I also believe he has found a way to bring each man to his knee and to confession; he has found a way to humble each man and therfore he has mercy on them; each in his own turn. So this skit seems to have some degree of showing a God who loves his child. What I'd like to see is a skit where the child is not restored and see what people make God out as (helpless to save his child). How would they make such a skit, if indeed that is the traditional belief. Aug Please dont see this as raining on the parade, I did apprecaite it but I find God's love so amazing that we don't even begin to think about how in bondage we truly are or were and how much he gave to find and save us. Aug
  24. alright, back on track. Why would we ALL be screwed if the entity is not rational. That seems to be a christian viewpoint from their understanding of who God is to them. Perhaps a few would be screwed if the god is not rational. Perhaps only 1 would be screwed if the god is irrational. Perhaps no one gets screwed even if the god is irrational. Is "rational" mean that good things happen to mankind? Perhaps this is saftiels point, that "rational" is hard to define. It can differ from person to person and especially from a supernatural being to a natural being. I do see your point that if all roads lead to God then agnoticism is the worse position one could hold. However could it be said that agnosticim is a road that leads to god? I'm just not sure the logic follows. Aug
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