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  1. I do push them in diagnoally. Unfortunatley when I push one in (it locks) but then when pushing in the second the locked one pops out because I have to apply too much pressure. I finally got it to lock all four but it was like a trial and error game. I studied the locking devices on it and nothing too complicated. You push, the tab expands locking it into the hole. I think they are just a sucky design. Aug
  2. Guys, I think it's just me but these plastic push in tabs suck. When I push one corner the first corner come undone. I turn the screw to lock it but for some reason one or two will give and so I'm always fiddling with them. Is there some trick to these? Aug
  3. thanks guys, I'll def take your advice on this. My tire knowledge in the past is as good as my politics. Not soo good Aug
  4. Guys, In the past I've always purchased the cheapest tires they've got? I mean any place I bought them. Is this a bad move? Is it better to buy a bit more expensive tire? Perhaps they last longer? I know nothing on this. I'd sure love some advice.
  5. bubble, I read a while ago that the battery is very small and if I remember it's not lion but lead. I might be wrong however as my memoery on that is old. I do remember reading they kept it small and low on cost for replacement reasons. The 40 mile range not only has it's advantage over traditional hybrids but also on battery expenses as well. thanks for the pics mav. Aug
  6. deleted as I now see there is a post for fringe in the TV, movies category. Sorry bout that
  7. Mav, right on! Yea I didn't see that link as a volt killer either. I saw it as a piece of junk which made me want a volt even more LOL! On a serious note, I wish I could make a care like that. But heak the volt is going to be a breakthrough and change it all. In 20 years we could see cars which are affordable and electric like the volt. NO TRANSMISSION!!! AWSOME! Aug
  8. its after the game, its the bonus levels very hard
  9. Infidel, I'm in the room with the guns and I'm pulling my hair out. I'll give it a bit more time and then I'll cry uncle. Aug
  10. I joined sept 10, 03 and this thread slowly adds more posts. I never played with Bob Lee, but everytime I scroll this thread my heart sinks. Knowing you guys for 5 years has been a serious blessing and from reading peoples posts on him, I realize he is missed. It's good to know you all are good and sensitive people. God Bless
  11. Guys, what is a good amount of disk space for a forum like this one? I can get 1 gig for 4 a month? or unlimited for 8.00 a month? (must be paid in 6 month increments) Aug
  12. My first computer: http://www.vintage-computer.com/atari400.shtml For some dumb reason I regret dumping that thing. A whole 16 kb of ram. Cartdrige slot under the hood. nice. Aug
  13. strang huh? Philisophically it makes me wonder what we could achieve. good...bad... whatever the case it's the first time ive heard of something like it. Aug
  14. http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/200808...biologicalbrain YIKES! Aug
  15. Finally, the last bonus level... I just cant do it. anyone got some secret or is it just near impossible? Aug
  16. see, it does make sense : ) http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080812/tc_nm/volt_list_dc
  17. John, What are you talking about. you can get the videos right in here but doing this in your post... "but doing this in your post" do you mean "by doing this in your post". Does the link to you tube not work? Oh do you mean the video can show right within MMMM's site rather than taking the person to you tube? Your link failed to do it. when I click your link it takes me to youtube? Aug
  18. The reason GM (another example of genuis IMHO) is that the reason GM keeps it at 40 miles is to keep the batter from being bigger than the titanic. When the batteries go bad on hybrids they cost ohhhhhh anywhere from 3-5000 dollars because their a bit larger. GM has reduced the size of the battery to keep the cost on replacement down. At the same time they sacrifice miles on it. So they settle for 40 miles on the size of the battery but thats brilliant, and I'm not alone in that opinion. If you read reviews on it, you'll find it's gained RESPECT for it's revolutionary design. Sacrificing miles for a smaller battery to settle for 40 miles IS SO ANTITHETICAL to what Toyota and Honda have been conjuring up...which is..."an electric car has to go 300 miles in order for people to take seriously". The reason why it's so brilliant is MOST PEOPLE don't drive 300 miles to get to work. MOST people don't drive 50 miles to get to work. So the smaller battery is PERFECT for people to take it to work. Now you address (as lawmaker did above) what about people who drive 80 miles to work. Well the first 40 are on battery solely, meaning you drive 40 miles on gas (as a generator). Now the volt gets 50 miles per gallong so you use a bit more than 1 1/2 gallons of gas to drive 80 miles to work for the day. AND THEIR THE MINORITY. The other catch which is brilliant was being driven by electricity THERE IS NO TRANSMISSION. Being driven completely off electricity dismisses the need of a transmission. It's direct drive so the car is lighter making the smaller battery more manageable. I tend to think GM is as smart as what I've read. I'm no GM fan but like Nvidia who was getting owned for quite some time, they have arrived and this may be it for GM. They might be the nividia of automobiles for a shortwhile at least : ) Aug
  19. Thats what I'll do then guys. I'm running a Q6600 and its great. However HL2 Ep2 has a bit slower fps on my system and I think it's my 7600gt. Aug
  20. Guys, I could buy another card and go SLI on my MB 7600GT nvidia. Is this a descent increase performance or is it better to just buy a bigger better card? I don't want to spend much so the 7600gt is a cheap buy for the power. But if SLI does not do much...lets say like 20% increase then I won't bother. Aug
  21. My prayers and my heart is with you preach. I'm terribly sorry to hear this. Aug
  22. I just finished it guys, Great game but I do think it did like a bit of action. The more I think about it the more I'd like to see it cross action and puzzle. No action leaves me hungry to get running and jumping. BUT adding the portal gun would give it a new edge in the HL series that is a SUPERB idea. I liked Ep2 way more but my guess is it was more of a test drive to get public feedback to start a new HL line (like blueshife and oppsoing force). I did read from Valve they are thinking of bringing Shepherd back into the story. There was a small secne I thought it might be him. In HL2 if you look at a certain monitor, there is an army guy laying on the table. I wondered if that was shepherd? Anyhow Portal was great. I give it a 8 out of 10. Add guns and monsters and aliens I'll give it a 9 Aug
  23. man 3 years ago you posted this rev? Did you ever write it out?
  24. Ok Portal was great but SHORT! I imagine due to experimental reasons. Why invest into a HUGE game if it turns out a flop. Making the rooms puzzles is also probably TIME consuming. Great game. I want something bigger and one aspect that's a bit hard is what about adding weapons and other things? If you did, the game might be too much like other shooters only with the portal gun. So I sort of think they should not add the guns. On the other hand, theres not a whole lot that goes on except puzzle solveing which makes it hard to create a story line. I wouldnt mind seeing some guns in it but it probably would take away from the portal gun. I guess I just feel it did lack a little depth. Aug
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