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  1. veee

    Nerf the hunter

    Cut the points in half, people will still get pounced regardless of how many points you lower it. Basically you want to remove the hunter altogether because of your inability to look up for hunters, yeah its the hunters fault for survivors not sticking to the basic and most simple of things, look up and dodge. At least that's the feeling I get from this thread. play csgo with me. <3
  2. veee

    Nerf the hunter

    carlos, listen. if you buy a laser, u can skeet the hunter. Then, no one will complain they get pounced.
  3. veee

    Nerf the hunter

    well, i rarely see dixie got incapped. she is the queen of untouchable. before you said this, u should buy laser first.
  4. veee

    Do you know what !np is?

    well, u will just stop and get in-capped. then ask for help. ^___^ nippa
  5. veee

    Do you know what !np is?

    even johnny, he has bind keys. >_> maybe u should upgrade yourself. Carlos. ^﹏^ nippa
  6. veee

    Do you know what !np is?

    sometimes, i saw u typed the wrong name or missed the exclamation mark. good job, carlos.
  7. veee

    Do you know what !np is?

    And Dixie is MUCH BETTER than you. you just lay there and talked. didnt even ask for pts, 3 people get incapped because of u. whatever...
  8. veee

    Do you know what !np is?

    interesting... have you ever been bound a !sp key? as far as i know, i just need 1 click. people get their pts. I don't need to open the chat -> type !sp (someone's name) (pts) -> Enter
  9. Today, I just recognized so many people never asked for points when they already played 1000+ hours on gc. Some players just lay down like a little mermaid who swim in the spit. They don't wanna get up at all. Well, is that griefing? Btw, I already turned on my mic and said "TYPE NEED POINTS" Then, people had time to press the button to talk (not ask for points, said something like I'm about to die, I'm gonna die, pick me up, etc) , but they didn't have time to type need points? Are you kidding me? Then, other players just tried their best to pick them up but they also get incapped too. They totally feed points to infected. Please, don't tell me people can choose to type need points or not. It doesn't make sense at all.
  10. veee

    Kicked for goofing off

  11. veee

    Some Statistical Analysis - Infected!

    Clony said if my hunter average is higher than him, he's gonna call me master/your majesty.
  12. veee

    Some Statistical Analysis - Infected!

    I'm deeply shocked. drag ? the master of smoker ? really? no way.
  13. now, i know. when i got incapped, i will keep quiet. cuz u can hear anything >_>
  14. All presents are MINE. also, can u add a Christmas tree on carni ? muahaha