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  1. Might be kind of late since it's been off of beta for a while, but I play this game lots. You guys still play?
  2. Looks like a sweet pc man! Which 1070 did you go with?
  3. I picked up Toxikk the other day on steam. It's got a very small player base but they built it on the movement model of UT2K4 (which I dearly miss). It seems like a lot of fun so anyone who wants to join me feel free. I've also been playing lots of Heroes of the Storm (free game from Blizzard, kinda like Dota or LoL, but not at all pay to win and is much more team based, as in you get xp for your team not individually). If anyone plays either of these games I'd love to be your frand.
  4. Hey guys! I just re-joined since I couldn't remember my login stuff from years ago. I used to go as darkarchon or dragonfly and played lots of UT with bush, flitter, tek... I remember you too, preacher. How's it going?
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