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Found 8 results

  1. Explain to me why you love GC and what the holidays make you feel like inside. This post was a lot more fun in my head when I was drinking last night, but I got distracted and forgot to post it. So winner by 12/25 (with the most like votes) will get 1yr GC membership subscription. There's quite a few of you who have let it lapse, get your crap together because I enjoy killing you, especially since I can hear your screams from the other side .
  2. Just got my membership renewal down so I'm just waiting to be approved. Thanks so much Joda! Hello again to everyone. Watch your back tainted!
  3. Hello, To be frank, I don't want this to be a rant. I understand that board members may have stuff to do. I am just curious and concerned as to whether my registration went through. A few of my gc friends say they got their membership verified very early, within 10 hours. And I haven't gotten mine in 12+ hours. I've received an email that my membership is pending. So I was suggested that I post on forums about it, so here I am. If needed: Name: Ebahtee B This is my Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79696736 (Mtea) Thanks.
  4. I finally paid the dues. I'm a member. Congratulate me. Love me. S.
  5. Hey guys, I've finally decided to become a member and paid yesterday, so i'm just curious as to how long it takes before it takes affect. Thanks
  6. got membership so I wouldn't be kicked for a contributing member which happens often. Been 4 days and still getting kicked my id STEAM_1:1:6123751
  7. Just bought a membership. I included STEAM_1:1:4568867. Wasn't sure If I had to post it here as well. So yeah, HI!
  8. I guarantee there's a thread I'm missing or something but I swear I've searched everywhere on this site. I've been playing on the L4D2 server a lot and I'd like to get be a member so I can join in as a spectator. Can anyone help?
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