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  1. My girlfriend, Taylor, has been getting these letters for weeks now on a twice-a-week basis. I only took a picture of one page because the entire letter is about 10 pages front and back. We both are atheists so we think it's Taylor's best friend who signed us up on this mailing list. Unfortunately how do we get ourselves off of it? Preferably we'd like to do it in a hilarious way and prank this Peter Popoff guy. Allegedly he made 23 million in revenue last year, completely un-taxed. This offends me on many levels but I'm mostly just interested in how we make this really funny and make Peter Popoff look like a jack!#@ (I blocked out her last name)
  2. https://www.personalitypage.com/html/portraits.html Certainly if you've taken psychology or sociology you've heard of the jungian system of personalities. To refresh your memory it is a combination of traits that make up who you are. In a way it's a scientific horoscope that has nothing to do with your birthday. Check out the list and see which one you best fit into. I'm an ENTP but could sometimes be considered an INTP. Lots of great ideas, hard to follow through. My girflriend is definitely an ENTJ so it's a nice balance.
  3. I'm not sure "god" would agree that you should believe in it because you want to hedge your bets. I'm sure that's a sin unto itself and if that's the only reason why someone believes I'm sure they'd be damned with the rest of them. Secondly it's only your opinion that anyone can get into heaven if they're good. There's certainly no scripture that says "don't worry about following the rest of this book as long as you're nice to people." That's the insertion of your own beliefs into god's opinion. But ask any religious person and they all have a different opinion of what god thinks, because in the end that's all he is: everyone's opinion. Notice how god always agrees with those who speak for him. Heck, I'll believe in god if there's evidence for it. But there isn't, so until that day...
  4. Animal

    I hate cats because they're disgusting

    if i close the door to the bathroom then kitty can't get in to use it. will it hold it in for very long?
  5. I'm taking care of my friend's cat while he figures out his living situation and it's terrible. I have a large dog (a 130lb newfoundland) so I'm okay with things being dirty or even 'drooly' but I wasn't prepared for what a cat brought around. It pukes up on my clothes with giant hair balls that look like diarrhea soaked in spinach. I've had to throw them out, I won't wear them anymore. (Dogs get over this once they're potty trained. Cats do not). It fills up this litter box within a week with the stinkiest refuse I've ever had the displeasure of smelling, and unfortunately it's stored in the bathroom next to my computer, and the litter box doesn't hold in the smell. (Dogs go outside). Then it walks inside the litter box and all over my counters, bed, keyboard, desk, and tables after walking in that chamber of scat and urine. It's absolutely disgusting. The urine grosses me out more than the feces. (Dogs go outside, don't step in their excrement and certainly don't walk on your counter-tops). If that weren't enough it's ripping up the blackout curtains in my room with its claws, bringing in the sunlight, and has successfully ripped up both of my new leather couches on the armrests with the same claw marks (Dogs learn when you tell them no or get over things after 1 year old). It continuously slams her face into mine when it wants to cuddle, because it isn't satisfied with clawing the @#$! out of my chest. (Dogs learn when you tell them no). It rips up toilet paper while I'm gone, rips it to the point where I can't use it, then drags the pieces inside its litter box. (Dogs get over this when they're past 1 year old). I'm sure there's plenty of cat fans out there, especially since this is a gaming forum and computer fans and cat lovers practically go hand in hand. Heck, I even considered getting one about a month ago. But no longer will I ever consider a cat. They're absolutely filthy and you can't even play with them! It only wants to play when I'm busy and step its soiled paws all over my body. I'm going to be so happy and go on a cleaning spree the second this cat leaves my place! I don't know how anyone can put up with this.
  6. I had this same issue with CIv V for a long time. Had utilized every help solution I could find until finally someone told me I needed to re-install Steam. Hopefully that works for you.
  7. Animal

    [Monitors] LCD or CRT

    Since LED displays are basically LCD's with slightly better technology I think I'd go with LED. Depending on which one you get the response time can be extremely low. The SA950's have only a 2ms response time, a gorgeous display, and smooth 120hz. However at 1920x1080 per monitor the display resolution is, albeit, a little lower than a CRT. And even though asthetics and size aren't technical specs, I think they make a massive difference in what you'd rather purchase and have on your desk. I can make a three screen 27 inch display with LED's on a desk and have only 4mm bezels but trying to do that on a CRT would result in 6 inch bezels and be ugly as all get-out (not to mention the bulk of size that would result). All-in-all my sa950's are much better for gaming (2D only. never use one in 3D) than any CRT monitor.
  8. Animal

    Bragging and Benchmarking

    It raises with the control pad you can see in the lower right corner. It has 5 presets and you can also raise/lower by using the up and down buttons. GeekDesk says it can raise and lower 350lbs
  9. Animal

    Bragging and Benchmarking

    Finally built the geek desk and installed the blackout curtains to get rid of the glare. Check it out! The first photograph is the "Standing" setting of the Geek Desk The second photograph is the "Sitting" setting of the Geek Desk
  10. reinstalled and things seem to be running great. thanks for the help
  11. yeah definitely worth a shot. not much cpu usage. when i'm not running anything it's anywhere from 0 to 15%.
  12. i7-3770k, 16gb ram i'm not running any programs other than the basic windows programs. i even disabled all of my startup programs from msconfig
  13. yeah the new account was created in safe mode. now the computer takes about a minute longer to load, freezes when I right click the desktop, and can't even open any pages of the control panel.
  14. it worked but now the problem seems worse. everything ran fantastically in safe mode though
  15. You might be familiar with this bug. Recently my whole computer crashed after a Windows update and since I was running in Raid0 my hard drives failed and I lost all of my data. I was forced to reformat the drives and start over. Everything was fine reinstalling windows and this time I decided to backup my drives on one of my two 2TB HDD's. After the backup everything has been abnormal. Most processes run quickly but when things require windows explorer to run them they either take 10 minutes at a time to load or force explorer to crash after much delay. The only hint I have toward the problem is a notification that says "Explorer.exe server execution failed." Most of the common solutions I've found online require registry fixes which haven't worked, going into cmd.exe as an adminstrator and creating a new account which also was ineffective, or deleting my current account and creating a new one. The last one seems like it's the best option but since explorer refuses to run and crashes whenever I put any task to it, I can't even accomplish this task. It just freezes and eventually crashes. Fortunately my browser and basic programs still work but I can't run Steam games or access anything in the control panel. Any suggestions would be really helpful!