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  1. Anyone play Star Trek Online that is interested in helping to create a fleet? You can be any rank. We need at least one more person because we(mav, marvin, killerj, evil) need five to start a fleet and only have four. If you are interested feel free to add me on Star Trek (Ignacio@caboose27) and shoot me a PM or just reply to the post.
  2. lousiest


    Never heard of this MMO till my brother pointed it out to me. The graphics really caught my attention: Not sure if that was in-game footage
  3. Kinda wish it was a movie instead
  4. http://www.dotmmo.co...ernal-5571.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4ZH9trHqOQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1Mww0SziIw
  5. While not a review, it goes over questions people had while Gamespot was live streaming: http://www.gamespot....039sImpressions
  6. So I was hunger'an for a Minion styled Online MMO game. You have an Avatar and you have to tell a monster/minion on what to attack and all that junk. After a time you think "Hmm I wont more to use", after killing Generic Monster#47854. So I looked back on my youth and thought "Hmm what was like this." Digimon. "What, Digimon?" Yes, Digimon. It was the only thing that came to mind, I mean, you remember Digital Monster: Virtual Pet right?...You dont?! YEA! Thats what I am talking about, raising a monster, battling people. Yea thats what I want! Now cut to not so far back childhood, enter Digimon World for the Ps1 O, WAT! I GET MAH OWN DIGIMON AN HELP UDER DIGIMON! Now cut to the present Digimon the MMO Oh wow they basically took Digimon World and made an MMO... I wonder if it is as good as that Ps1 game. Boy was I mistaken. Sure they let you have a "team" of monsters, but oh you have to find "eggs" of the monster you want, which Im sure has a less than 0.05% of dropping with a failure rate of hatching of 80%. A work around for this is TO BUY THE MONSTER YOU WANT. If you dont buy anything its a 2 way endless grind. Not to mention upon getting a new monster it starts out as level 1, what no big deal? Well the first actual monsters you encounter are level 7, have fun. Never again will let my childhood influence my decisions, bad bad inner child, this why you stay locked up. Oh another thing about that Egg Hatching, the machine requires the same data element of the egg your hatching, which drops from different kinds of eggs (Yea they have like 4 kinds of eggs that drop from monster, Basic, Common, Rare, and Monster, Data Elements drop from Rare), you have to give the egg this data element 3 times, for it to BE ABLE to hatch at all, the chance STAYS THE SAME (Im pretty sure, I had like 12 eggs break on me). If I was a reviewer I would tell people not to install it, as its trying to be a cash cow. Some games I find cash shops ok, because some of them dont skew the game to make you THINK about buying anything, but this went way over the line, with %-rates on...well everything. Well I am now re-reinstalling Shin Megami Tensei Imagine Online (What the he--("Megaten" Online, for everyone that isnt Japan)). Anyone know any Minion Styled MMOs? I kinda like that concept even though they're not that popular.
  7. Anyone in this beta? how is it?
  8. Heya Guys, So I've noticed that this forum has been dying out lately quite a bit. Has Aion killed everyone's love of MMOs? I've been playing Rift since launch, and I have to say, it's really great. If you want to give it a try, use my Refer a Friend link to make an account please http://www.riftgame.com/en/products/ascend-a-friend/invite.php?voucher=ET6L639XHP3YD32XH7KC&utm_source=manual&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ascend_invite I'm on Seastone - Guardian side. My in game name is Ishint. Hope to see some fresh GC faces - Barashin
  9. I haven't been playing CSS for a while because ive been playing Titan Quest I think it is a really great game and ive beaten it I have a lvl 49 warfare/defense char and on immortal thrones i have a lvl 24 dream/spirit char so if u need help just ask me and i will be happy to help
  10. Just wondering if anyone is currently in the open beta, or even planning to buy the game. I'm currently trying out the game. Won't lie, the open beta still needs work. But if you're already set on buying the game (which I think I will since I'm an FF fan), we should get together
  11. Figured if there were any HOMM fans, you might be interested in this MMO.
  12. lex2

    City of Heroes

    ive been playing city of heroes and villains alot lately and just wondering anybody else who plays 2 and i have an SG its called the cresent blades its new and i play alot on the weekends i have a toon on freedom 10 on gaurdian 3 on justice and 1 on liberty its well worth playing!!!!!!!!! i will invite any1 who wants in and i can help u if u need it
  13. It is free, the pay-store seems remarkably reasonable, plays like Neverwinter Nights (albeit with a slightly infuriating non-mappable mouse 0 and 1 keys...). So far, I'm feeling it - anyone else? -Fk EDIT: Main Site: http://www.ddo.com/ [utube]b3B5KzBORmA[/utube]
  14. k-wix

    Global Agenda!

    Hello Gamers Coalition!!! Long time no chat. Seriously, i haven't spent any time with you guys in forever, for what its worth - I miss you all dearly! (those that I remember, anyway!) So anyway, I came here tonight hoping to see at least a few people excited for an upcoming MMO/FPS Hybrid called Global Agenda.. but i can't find anything so i figured i'd make a post. The visual style and gameplay mechanics seem to be a pretty tight hybrid of Tribes 1 and Team Fortress 2, in that you have a pretty rough set of classes, and there are jetpacks and generally neat looking sci-fi weapons. Apparently there are vehicles and RPG/Leveling up elements similar to that of CoD4 where you would unlock new pieces of equipment to take with you. Is anyone here interested? Anyone planning on buying? Steam is doing a 4-pack and i'd love to jump on board with some old friends from GC. Oh, and if my words aren't enough to inspire you, the website has tons of goodies to check out. http://www.globalagendagame.com
  15. I got a key today for the Star Trek beta, so I'm going to give it a go. Is anyone else playing?
  16. Does anyone play LotRO? It's a really good game, and I was thinking about starting back up on it. So, if anyone plays, lemme know--or if anyone wants to play, that is.
  17. ChenTzen

    Fallen Earth

    Fallen Earth is a post apocalyptic FPS RPG MMO, people who haven't played may call it a Fallout 3 MMO, before I played I said the same thing. In a way it is, but i would say its more like a Mad Max MMO. Crafting is huge in this game, there is PvP with 6 different factions each one having arch enemies and allies. I posted some pics in the screen shot gallery. Trying to see if we can get people to play. Dragonfire and I were in the beta test and wanted to try out Aion before we commited to anything, and after playing Aion, I had to go back to Fallen Earth. Great music, atmosphere and a much more mature player base compaired to Aion. Aion was too candy coated and basic for me. With Fallen Earth you have the option to make a character how you want it to be, there are no classes, no races, just stats and skills that you spend AP points in. The world is huge, in those screens you can actually walk all the way out there. I was told it would take 11 hours by foot. You can train/buy horses or biuld/buy your own vehicles. Not only that you have to keep your horse/vehicle feed or fueled and repaired, And when you make a vehicle, you don't just make it, you have to make all the components that go into the type of vehicle you want. Anything you can buy, you can make and more. There are special faction items/skills depending on how you want to develope your character. Also don't know how they did it, but theres only one server, so everyone who plays Fallen Earth, plays in the same world. So far its just Dragonfire and I who are playing and Lousiest is on the verge of turning over. I recommend checking it out.
  18. 2 new mmo games im lookn forward too , anyone else gonna b playin em? they are DBZ Online and Aion Online
  19. Dingy

    Astro Empires

    Well, I found this one and have been playing it a bit. Pretty interesting. You may think it is old school because of the web interface but it is fun. Sorta like chess I guess. Anyway - if you want, check it out: Delta Galaxy of Astro Empires So you know - Delta is only one of 6 (7th coming soon) servers thay have running. It is browser only, and like they say, there are a bunch of folks online. See what you think....
  20. Anyone? I like the free part. http://us.runesofmagic.com/us/index.html Kotaku Review (Positive) Came out of beta in March I think. -Fk
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