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  1. I took a break back in March and I offered a few peeps a tryout of my characters. There were on whisperwind (40+ gnome Warlock, 20+ Human Priest, Brilloth and Brillion) and Illidan (20+Dwarven Rogue, Brillion). I aslo had a few random low level toons on other servers for boredom sake. I reactivate my account and all my toons are gone but I have a lvl 1 orc warrior on a server I never played on. Question, did my toons get deleted by tryout-peeps, erased by Blizzard or x-fered? I'd really like to know if anyone has any info.
  2. Currently we are all on seperate servers. This is ok, as we are all just starting out in the game and having a good time. By the summer we will all be expeirienced players. I always have more fun playing with people that I know. I know I'd love to play with you guys and i know itd be a ton of fun. So starting in like May, or June(summer for people who are working/in college/highschool) We will pick a Central server(cause its closest to everyone and i think the majority of you guys live central) and hopefully after seeing who will join us, take a poll and debate onto what kind of server (PvP, PvE, RP) and what Faction we should join (Horde, Alliance). We can form a guild and all have a blast! Sound good? Im sick of being seperated from all you guys!
  3. Hey everyone. I haven't been around here in a while, but I used to play a TON on the Mmmm servers, when they had 1.6. I pop in here and there, but recently i just started playing WoW about a week ago through a the free 10 day trial. My trial is about to run out and I was wondering if any of you are selling an UNused cd key, so that I can continue my account. If so that is great. You can contact me here, through a private message or on AIM at Catchadino, or e-mail me at Catchadino@cox.net . Thanks. DIN0
  4. Does anyone have the 1.5 patch succesfully Downloaded and could host it somewhere? Im getting owned by it right now. My bittorrent isnt working at all. Gah. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I do not think I will go beyond this month for this game. Boring now. Nothing to do.
  6. well we got her to 34% last night that was about 7 tries. only 1 pic that doesnt have a bunch of crap.
  7. well im playing on Frostwolf Alliance.. now. so if u wanna come and join me/ what ever the $#%# you wanna do come send me a tell.. or evreyone should roll there and get me uber 1337 making a Gnome Warrior.. so yeah.. NuT-
  8. PVP honor system, some other stuff. New events, etc. Of coure, most of the realms are still down. Not that this is a surprise anymore. Much faster to download it here http://www.gamershell.com/download_8908.shtml
  9. Guest

    Where do you play?

    Hey its me Raiden. Heh im back from Navy wondering what servers everyone plays on. I have a lvl20 Warlock I just started on Elune with a friend..Squee he used to play alot with Mmmm. And I dunno if anyone has told you guys already sorry if its been posted already. But if you are having troubles with quests and dont know where to go. Go to www.thottbot.com type in the quests name exact and it will guide you. Lata!
  10. I came early due to my son being sick and while he was sleeping, loaded up the game to get the content patch thing. It took a few minutes then it took off and updated pretty fast. Now the realm is down but this is the one that many have been waiting for. Meeting stones, updates to druid (Finally!!) and etc. Get it now before the west coast people and those east coast folks get home from work and kill the servers.
  11. i sometimes find myself completely bored with this game already. but im holding out for all the new content yet to be seen. other times its still my favorite game of all time.
  12. lol...ive been building up my character since bata.....got him to 54 undead rouge on ARTHAS but.....in the server moving i can get him moved to illdian because arthas is high pop! go i will get to play with you guys
  13. Been leading some raids into this instance about every night the past several days. This is the place magic users mostly benefit from. I've found for my druid so far Gift of the Wild Book 2, 1 green leather pants with + to stam, intel and spirit (better than I had and good until I get the Wildheart set ones) I also found some kick-donkey looking shoulders with + to str, stam, intel, & spirit in the last couple of runs. Mostly what drops are Dreadmist for warlocks and if you are using your Trinket for faction killing the Scourge, you get much more during raids and Scholo is great for this. Just wanted to share my adventures lately. (One wildheart item dropped when I had to leave early as i was called into work. Since it was BoP, i could not get it and my guildy put it on as punishment for my leaving.)
  14. Horde Gone Wild (the guild I'm in) killed Magmadar tonight on Kel Thuzad server. Took us quite a while, but we got it down. I'm the Orc Warrior in the 2nd row, third from the left. Zweih is the Orc Shaman in the front row, 2nd from the right. If you don't know who Magmadar is, oh well If you do, then I'm sure you can appreciate how much work went into this... and maybe you can appreciate the fact that we only had one hunter with tranquilizing shot.
  15. Tender Crisp Bacon Chedder Ranch! unn NuT-
  16. Well my brithday was march 2nd and well,... i am going to frys today to buy... WOW, CS (unhacked version), Rolley chair, Rolley chair mat, and bunch of cold cathodes to make my Window kit actually get some use =) Cant wait... so guys i will be playing today!!!! what are ur guyses names??? i want to know!!!! AND HOOK ME UP!! NuT-
  17. So what area is your favorite? Base it not on the mobs there, but on atmosphere, looks and fun you had in the zone. Also, what area is your least favorite? And what city/town is your favorite? My favorite was Stranglethorn Vale up until I discovered the Shimmering Flats. SF is everything I love in a zone, short corpse run, easy to get to quests, and a humorous element as well. That racetrack is awsome, and to top it off they put in "Daisy" complete with short shorts. Least favorite zone is any of the Dwarf zones. Too many mountains, things seem too spread out. Favorite city is definatly Booty Bay.
  18. Well i decided to get it for my birthday... and cut off DAOC for a while but.. My server is Frostwolf Nahzurl those 2 something like that Anyone on those servers? that can hook me up NuT-
  19. What have you LOOTED? and What have you BOUGHT? Me? I am a level 43 Paladin - I have 503g as we speak - engineering is amazing for cash if you know what you are doing I bought The Dazzling Longsword, The Green Tower(Shield), and The Boots of Avoidance. I am currently still using all of these at level 43. I LOOTED my first tonight. The Stockade Pauldrons(shoulders)...level 50 Plate shoulders...very nice! Well? What do you have?
  20. Guest

    Legit CD Key

    Hello all, I am currently stationed in Japan and it is very hard to find World of Warcraft anywere on island (Bases). Does anyone knoe were I can purchase a cd key for the games because a number of others in the barracs play the game and they were able to find the actual game. I tried looking on the WOW websites but with no luck. I heard it was able do be done but cant find were to get one. A direct link would help best
  21. ok so lastnight I went to go play wow, after I got all patched up and everything. I joined the server (whisperwind), when I got there I decided to fly to Ironfordge to check on some things and o my, everything was lagged super bad there lastnight. no venders insite or anything. The few people I did see where stuck running into cornors. I went to go logout and try to log back in but I couldnt even register 1 click to logout. So I alt tab and went to desktop then closed wow program. Rebooted and started WOW up again. Tried to join the server (whisperwind) and it gives me the error "A character with that name all ready exists" So I wait about 15 min try again, same message, a hour later same message, this morning before work, same message, today after work same message. I sent a email to blizzard this morning and have gotten no reply, sent another just now........Is there anything else I can do at this point?
  22. Guest

    Today's patch

    Anyone able to get cosmos to work on the latest patch? After having it I sort of can't do without it..
  23. I rerolled on horde. name is Spikez. Undead priest, hit me up ingame sometime =\ I'll be looking for a guild also if your's could use another priest. Reason. Alliance suck basically. We get rolled non-stop and no one want's to fight back, and im tired of dying alone. So you know what they say. If you can't beat em, join em.
  24. See how fast you can get your Character from level 1-10! Rules 1) No grouping!!!!! 2) No getting help from high levels (I.E. Tagging the creeps and then having a friend kill them) 3) Questing is encouraged!!! 4) No Rest hacking! You cant start him up then not play him for a week! You start, you go! You can provide a screenshot but the honor system is welcomed I trust you crazy kids. My Record 3 Hours 41 Minutes. I coulda done faster had i not taken a trip to org to learn professions. So im saying itd be around 3 hours 30 minutes if i tried again. Good Luck!!!
  25. ROFL ! http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.a...p=1#post1197802
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