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  1. http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/Fallout-New-Vegas-Ultimate-Edition-PC-Game/productID.253781000 All expansions. Physical copy. $5 shipped.
  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/83889674@N02/sets/72157630926518440/ 1) I need a new card. 2) I need to reinstall Fallout 3 EDIT: Holy crap! I had no idea the forums parsed Flickr links like that. Way cool. http://enbdev.com/enbseries/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=924&sid=00be714f8f25c0ca5fc4dafbe1647796
  3. Have an odd or interesting screen shot? Put it up here. Here at the Crimson Caravan Company, we have the cleanest dirt this side on New Vegas.
  4. PC Zero crashes About 6 hours play time so far. http://kotaku.com/5670346/review-fallout-new-vegas Grumpy reviewer is grumpy. Loving this so far. And does he not know about fast travel from the PipBoy map? Also probably helps that I've had zero crashes. Still rocking my UT3 build from a few years back (Core Duo E7650, 4 gig ram, Nvidia 8800gts 640meg video card, Win 7 64). Only glitch was getting caught in some terrain once but considering how often the game auto saves it wasn't anything. Using the Airstream shell behind the bar in Goodsprings as my bed and storage place for now. Did not take the wasteland perk at character creation so no Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc. goofy references out and about. Only just finished Primm. Living off a 9mm and VAPS. Depressed when I have to kill coyotes (too much like killing dogs). Was surprised but enjoyed re-entering the Vicki casino in Primm after I had finished the main bit there and had left. Glad I had upgraded armor prior to going back inside and now I have a submachine gun - stupid deserters... Bit just outside Primm: Not sure why the Powder gang is all up in my hizzy. They attacked me first outside of Goodsprings. The PG dude in town is still cool to me so ???. Then again there is that guy who is still hiding somewhere in Goodsprings; I probably have to "help" him take over the town to finish that bit off. I made the casino bot Sheriff of Primm. Seemed the cool thing to do. Haven't been to Sloan or the correctional facility yet. Not sure if I'll just push on past Primm first. Gonna tool around the prison first. My first bug? Those Powder Gangers that are not in the cop-like uniform hates me and my rep with them is hated. But their all good with me at the prison so far... Ahh, seems the game expected me to visit the prison sooner. Supposedly bygones are bygones and those other guys won't shoot at me anymore. Of course the rep in PipBoy is still hated...
  5. Nvidia d3d9 perf fix http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34778 Thought I needed a new video card for Christmas but I found the cure! I tried this fix and and now I can finally enable AA again. No more slowdowns with multiple NPCs. Simply awesome if your having performance problems. Makes New Vegas perform, well, like Fallout 3.
  6. Nvidia released new drivers today. Improves performance of Fallout and fixes graphical glitches with the AA enabled. They say improves performance in Fallout 3. Then it says fixes graphical glitches in Fallout 3: New Vegas, so I'm guessing the performance increase is in Fallout New Vegas, not necessarily in Fallout 3. http://www.nvidia.com/object/win7-winvista-64bit-260.99-whql-driver.html
  7. Been playing New Vegas for a couple hours today, quick saved my game and exited to setup my G500 mouse. I restarted the game but when I went to load, it was like I never played at all today! Seems autosaves and quicksaves DO NOT get uploaded to the Cloud when you exit the game, maybe only when you exit Steam or maybe even randomly? Just make sure you manually do a regular save before you exit the game.
  8. I didnt pay attention to the online-only Steam registration required part, so I drove 30 miles to pick it up at FedEx instead of having it delivered tomorrow. After I put it in the drive, I flipped over the case and was checking it out. At approximately the same time, I read about Steam, and my installation was cancelled as the game is currently locked. It says its locked until 3 am. Does the game only unlock at midnight Pacific Time?
  9. Anyone else been watching and waiting for this one? Havent seen anything about it that I havent liked yet. http://fallout.bethsoft.com/eng/home/home.php
  10. Killing time, waiting for Vegas...found all the little buggers.
  11. I noticed the user score (PC version) for Fallout 3 is only 7.8 at metacritic, seems kinda low so I checked out some user scores. http://apps.metacritic.com//games/usercomments.jsp?id_string=9724:sYSGeml4q7HH5bdn63yJpA** Seems plenty of people rate the game 0. Yes a big fat Zero. One caught my attention: Ropert P. gave it a 0 due to crashes, says he can play the game for 3-4 hours without a crash but sometimes crash only after 3-5 minutes. HOW CAN YOU STAND TO PLAY A GAME FOR HOURS IF IT SUCKS SO BAD?!?! lol
  12. Release date is October and retails for $50. I plan on picking this up since I quit playing the game before the first DLC came out. That and Windows Live annoys me so I avoided it, I figured they would release the DLC retail sooner or later.
  13. some concept art over at gamespot
  14. http://cgi.ebay.com/Fallout-3-Bottle-Of-Buffout-15-Nuka-Cola-Bottlecaps_W0QQitemZ160372109571QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item2556ec3103 These Fallout trinkets are selling for over $40 when they are just homemade. Crazy. Here's how: http://www.weeklygeekshow.com/2009/07/fallout_cosplay_accoutrements.php
  15. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?p=2940291 Gah! I still have to build a new rig before I even contemplate getting the PC version, but you guys get treated to these amazing hi-res texture packs. Scroll down that thread to see some pics, it looks amazing!
  16. Anyone else get this special item from her? I'm not going to spoil much, but the first 2 games I played I never even found this old broad. I just happen to run into her this 3rd go around and did her quest, then went back there for some odd reason and she gave me another quest witch resulted in said item. Sweet, I'm like 007 now. Cool I just found Dogmeat, never did find him the first 2 games I played.
  17. I thought it was fun. I would have almost rather wait for the other two DLC packs to get this one as it would have been nice to get XP from it but it was still fun. They definitely did a good job on making this feel like a level right out of any typical FPS which is a neat concept. The level design was definitely refreshing as it's unique to the rest of the game. My only gripe is that 800 MSP was pretty steep for an added 2 hours (if that) of gameplay from something that really felt like it should have been in the original game.
  18. http://kotaku.com/5164742/fallout-3-the-pi...with-more-trogs If I could bare the children of any developer it would be those of Bethesda.
  19. Patch went live this morning for those of you stuck. http://kotaku.com/5130241/fallout-3-bug-fi...-xbox-360-today
  20. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/11/25/three-co...ing-in-january/ Looks pretty sweet! Can't wait. Also announced was the GECK (mod tools for PC) later this year.
  21. that is all. Very Oblivion'ish Ill admit. But it has guns. And when I run out of action points, I spray n pray. Ees cool
  22. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/v...-41-Pick-a-Perk I lol'd so hard I may need an operation.
  23. There's no real point in Hard or Normal, they're waaaaay too easy (unless you're a 100% unarmed, then I would recommend Hard). That is all.
  24. So I'm playing the game for a second time, I get into the dark area while on my way out the vault and I notice in the upper left hand corner a few words that say the pip-boy has a light. Doh! For those playing on the computer and didn't notice the text hit tab and hold it down till the light comes on. Can be useful but not a necessity.
  25. Yes you can has map. Ohhhh purty!
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