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Server - Xtreme Gaming Box (Barebones)


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Dell Precision 670 under warranty till 5/30/2009 - And I have the box too.


Intel E7525 chipset

Up to two 64-bit Intel Xeon dual-core or single-core processors with 800MHz front side bus and 2MB L2 cache per core

Up to 16GB dual-channel DDR2 400MHz ECC registered memory; Six DIMM slots

Integrated Serial ATA/150 with RAID 0, 1

Integrated Ultra 320 SCSI PCI controller with RAID 0, 1;

Integrated PCI-X 64-bit Intel 10/100/1000 Gigabit4 Ethernet

Three internal 3.5" x 1" disk drive bays; Three external 5.25" drive bays; One external 3.5" bay; One PCI Express x16 graphics slot; One PCIe x4 slot; One

PCI slot (32-bit 5V); three PCI-X slots (62-bit/100MHz 3.3V); 650 watts Power Factor Correcting (PFC) power supply


Needs socket 604 cpu, ECC ddr2 ram, hard drive, Pci express video


$150 takes it home.

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