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  1. Thanks to everyone who provided donations, thoughts, and prayers. Unfortunately Cato did not make it and left yesterday morning before anything could start. Andro is working on the refunds.
  2. https://www.gofundme.com/help-save-cato039s-life
  3. ...after 18 years you finally have a system that can play games - GJ!
  4. nothing to see here...move along...move along :-p
  5. yErMoTH3r

    OG GC.

  6. http://www.3guyspizzapies.net/ 234.334.7000 1163 East Tallmadge Avenue Akron, Ohio 44310 Oh my that was some good stuff! Thanks Mav!
  7. flit or jackie - let me know
  8. is the A/C working?
  9. Firefox can't find the server at www.gamerscoaltion.com.
  10. back to usage - that xbox pulled down quite some bits from a limewire owned CDN
  11. Legit. Ran recount. Dropped your total posts by 75. I normally pad fattys post count ... always have
  12. ...looks like minify is already in there flit - hit me up when u awake.
  13. i'll assume you dont have the 2nd modem installed in any way shape or form. unplug everything from the working rig cept the internet. plug in each device separately. let us know what you find out.
  14. Hmmm managed switch-like. The link I was referring to was negotiated link i.e. 1000BASE-T full duplex vs. 100BASE-TX full duplex. If all are being set to 100, add devices one by one with known working 1000 base gear first. Clear the DHCP leases & check for auto-negotiate? I feel some device in the loop is forcing the drop to 100...or cables. One by one assessment should do it if you can reset the device to brandnew/default, I assume it has a DHCP page to show you link status etc. Keep us posted. I recently bricked 2 cisco/linksys routers trying to get a wi-fi repeater going for THX's attic computer.
  15. QoS can't touch the negotiated link. The QoS i'm familiar with is at the packet level (Layer 7 protocol). make/model plz
  16. Got this working natively with IPFire http://forum.ipfire.org/index.php?topic=9595.0
  17. 's so fat....when she sits around the house, she sits AROUND the house. in some games (forsaken) it was mistaken as vermouth for many long months
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