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Possible Leaving of Aion Legion


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Hey guys! As I've been playing in The Coalition I've had a great time and your guys are all awesome, however, it's quite desolate on the hours I'm on. The most I've ever seen online at one time has been 5 members and usually are always busy doing something else. So I'm sorta thinking about moving on to another legion just to find some more people to group up with etc. I have everyone on my friends list though and still intend to talk with you all. Or I'm open to merging with other members to another, larger, Legion. I just don't think The Coalition Legion is going to go anywhere anytime soon. :/


Iconic and Twilight Order, I have been told, are good Legions to be apart of (to throw names out there). I hate leaving and really wish The Coalition had a stronger build to it but I don't see it happening, especially without an active leader.


I'm not disappearing though! :D I'll be around here and of course in game. ^^

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As an update to this post, Ahro and the rest of us have moved to a top 10 legion, Disorder! They're a good bunch of ppl, and there's anywhere from 10-15 people on at any given time.


In fact, as I type this, we're just about to start a raid! :)

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