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Joining Gamerscoalition - FAQ and DUES

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Welcome to Gamerscoalition!

About Us:

In one form or another, Gamerscoalition has been around for a while. Ten years at least. We're a community of gamers (not a clan) that find value in good sportsmanship (and competition), clean and mature gaming, teamwork, and comradery. Things are good when everyone in the server shows respect, has fun, and works together. GC also hosts an annual meet-and-frag lanfest, reunion, golf, poker, thingamajig annually in July.

GC rolls with *TWO* VDS in Chicago, hosted by Nuclear Fallout. We've got CSGO plus private match servers, the insanely popular L4D2 10v10, and whatever else we wish to magic up. We also have our community Minecraft server (survival or not - whatever floats your boat).

Our financial burn rate is no where near what it once was (good servers used to be very expensive...) and we have had ongoing support from the wonderful people at TypeFrag/GameComm but as online gaming evolves our full-ride is currently on a break. that means that your contributions support our community (ie - you pay for the servers) more than ever.

Admins and Board Members receive no pay; all dues are for the servers, keeping our forums and website rocking, or used for community enhancement.

We also (as of April 2011) have unused dedicated server space on the east coast just outside of Washington DC, an ongoing gift from TypeFrag! GC has had many servers including CS, CS:S, UT2K4, DOD, and on and on. We're willing to give anything a try and we've got plenty of room!

Our rules (condensed):
- No swearing
- No porn sprays
- No racism, bigotry, or other disrespectful comments
- If you don't have nuthin nice to say, don't say nuthin at all
- Don't argue or debate with admins in game. Use our forums, please.
- All of the above goes for both voice and text comms in-game (or over Vent)
- No Hax. We have zero-tolerance for hacking, auto-aim, etc.
- Just because a game is "mature" does not give you leeway to break any of the above rules even if the game characters do or say "stuff"

This is not a complete list of our rules. A complete list does not exist. You are asked to use your best judgement. GC does reserve the right to remove any member at any time with *no* refunds. Seriously. Good people have been caught red-handed with hax. And they have been shown the door. If you need hax to have fun, this is not the place for you. Also, do not think that being a dues paying GC member cuts you any slack on these rules. If anything we hold Coalition Members and Coalition Admins to *higher* standards.

This isn't a joke. If you are just dropping $15 to get a reserve on our server and then proceed to be a dick - yelling, swearing, griefing bad attitude, all those things - you're gone. And we'll keep your money. Far too many people are in it for the reserve and not our standards or the community. We will ban you from the server you bought a reserve on. A GC Contributing Membership is *not* just a reserve...

Membership Levels:

GC Member: $15/year, 1 year reserve slot, members-only forums, member-only in game chat, other random perks including surprise merchandise/gift certificate giveaways and access to merch purchases before the rest of the rabble.

GC Admin: $30/year, includes all of the above, plus: 1 year sourcemod admin access (no rcon), admin-only forums. REQUIRES: member for at least 90 days, successful application.

How to Join:
Anyone and everyone is welcome to join GC, just don't be a dick.

Please include your forum name, your Steam ID/GUID, and use an email address you check regularly.

GC now has a safe and secure storefront. Credit/Debit cards (processed by Stripe) and PayPal accepted.

The Store page can be located here:

When entering in the field "SteamID", make sure it's the STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxx you see when you type "status" in the game's console window when connected to a server, or go here and enter in your steam profile URL. We can't get your reserve slot set up unless we have that.

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