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Why no Fighting section?

So who has gotten Skullgirls on the console? (I dont own one, they're making one for PC, so I hope it gets released for that). Unlike most Fighting games which are either 3-d or pixels, this all hand drawn.


(Might be It's NSFW)



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I bought skullgirls I like it so far. Feels like a mix with Street FIghter, Marvel, Blazblue and CVS2.


On the outside one might not like it but it adds a lot of things that are needed in competitive fight games.

Button checks on the character select screen and pause button won't activate until its held down for 15 frames to stop random pauses in tourneys.

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Pre-order it on Steam!

Crahrazyeh over a year and its been a wild ride.


Info Drop: Their publisher after at least 2 months of release on consoles got into a lawsuit and got their assets locked (toxic assets), if they wanted to work on the game for PC they would need a new publisher (and slightly new team), they did, Marvelous AQL. Because they wouldnt get money from the console versions they need to a "kickstarter" (they used indieGoGo) so they could actually pay for new staffing and assistance.


I am glad they are able to make their game to PC. It is a huge hit in Japan, also with the Fighting Tournament Scene (see: EVO).


Edit: Because of the crowd funding they have planed 5 DLC characters already!

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I bought this a few days ago. Its fun, but like most fighting games, I'm not getting anywhere near the online play.

I got it even though I stopped playing after first week on console. I just want to support MikeZ. Online play isn't bad since they use GGPO.


One thing I dislike about Online, is that it should force player level. When searching you may pick Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert. It seems pointless because I had an Intermediate~Expert play in a Beginner Lobby.

I actually like their Lobby system, but its broken currently. You can get into a lobby of 8 people, and go 1v1 with each of them as it rotates, and everyone fights at the same time (current patch I believe doesnt work like this yet).


Also Traning Mode needs an Attack AI (I havent seen one), though their Tutorial is pretty good (They added a 'Play Again' option to it, so you can continually practice the Tutorial).


Also the Different between Normal Arcade Mode and Hard Arcade Mode is a huge step up. AI starts using Combo Chains, Pushblock and Specials.

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