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  1. Yep, I have the same issue. Won't let me buy a new one and I can't renew the expired one.
  2. Meet in the championship game again >__> I really don't feel confident with the team I have though lol.
  3. I wasn't aware the draft was last night, the team autodraft gave is complete garbage lol. Would not have drafted any of these players. Guess its on my keeper goalies to carry.
  4. Is there a limit to how many players we can keep?
  5. I'm not even sure of who to keep in a keeper league, my team last year didn't have any "top" players but just had a bunch of good players just below the top ones lol. My goalies were my 2 best players >.> I need to actually show up on time for a draft so autodraft won't give me a player I would never draft with my first pick again.
  6. lol sorry! .. But not sorry Both of our teams were awful this week too.
  7. Powerplay points are fine, but this is why shorthanded points are a bad idea: http://puu.sh/kBotF/45d1d3b74c.png Those are all the best "taken" players in the shorthanded category. Shorthanded points are really rare. GWG isn't much better: http://puu.sh/kBoxd/87b2f5e685.png, though I guess GWG are similar to shutouts.
  8. Shorthanded points are really rare. Most players that actually get to play on the penalty kill will only get like 1-3 shorthanded points all season at best. Would be a ton of ties in shorthanded categories. GWG isn't really any better. Powerplay is usually just powerplay points and not goals and assists too... At least its a lot more common then shorthanded points >_> Hits and blocks would be cool though. Blocks would add more depth to defensemen.
  9. Is the shorthanded categories and GWG a mistake or are we actually playing with those on?
  10. Works for me... Unless I forget like I do every year >_>
  11. Did the championship really end in a tie lol... Well I know I'll lose the tiebreaker, but it was a fun season. Grats Puckmonkeys
  12. Actually I can't make it anytime tomorrow night (unless its like 12am cst lol). Sorry. /prays to the autodraft Gods
  13. You actually got third place last year Can we delay the draft an hour? I can't make 10pm est but might be able to make 11pm est. Though the autodraft Gods have been kind to me lately, so missing the draft might work out well for me.
  14. I don't know, that sounds like a "pro" to me
  15. And I missed the draft. I really hate the team Yahoo autodrafted for me this time. It appears Yahoo's autodraft doesn't understand bye weeks.
  16. I'm still debating whether or not I want to join the live draft. Last year my team was autodrafted and it turned out to be a really good team lol >.>
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