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Personal Realm Server


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Has anyone dabbled in personal server creation? I made a 3.3.5a Lich King server at home over the weekend to just play around with. (No its not exposed to the intertubes)


I'd like to try a vanilla 1.12 or a cata 4.0+ server when I get a chance. Just to see some places I never saw when I was in my WoW coma.


Its pretty neat to see the inner workings of a realm server. But even being a god-like GM; without the social aspect of WoW, its a pretty boring game.

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(legalities and all).


God I hate this mentality, pretty sure that either a dont want people changing their coding or b, dont want people to steal money (i.e host private servers and having to pay to use them). If I was working/making games that made you connect to a server to play with other people, I would just release the coding (WoW wouldnt die, its too big) to allow people to host their own servers.


A lot of good MMOs or other games that use servers, pretty much fade out of existence because of that. I also bet the investors dont want people to host their own servers too.


Just my 2 cents on about the legality of hosting a private server.


Also since you pay for membership and you make a a private server for GC, it would get under-fire pretty quickly.

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