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How to make gold at 80 (or even at any level): http://www.reddit.co...ing_gold_at_80/


Lots of good ideas from this thread. E.g. some dungeons are very profitable (CoH).


edit: To quote a couple of responses regarding CoH:






Citadel of Flame, exploration mode, option #2 (Magg). Run with a close group of friends and you can absolutely destroy that place with enough practice. My guild's current best recorded run is at 18 minutes and 55 seconds, and that was still with plenty of room for improvement.

You'll receive 25 silver at the end of every run, as well as 20 charr carvings to help you work on your Molten exotic set pieces. That doesn't even include the blue/green/yellow drops you receive en masse throughout the run, especially if you roll with magic find gear and Omnomberry Bars.

The problem is, this poop is so easy that I'm pretty sure anet is going to nerf it eventually. If you try any of the other explore mode dungeons, you'll see what I mean.




Everyone I see always does Citadel of Flame exploration mode, 2nd option. It's a really easy explorable.



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Another player sharing his experience: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/znn4y/all_my_knowledge_part_1/


TL:DR version:


1. Use Lion's Arch as a travel hub (most of us already do this)


2. Some explanation on how much XP crafting gets you based on your crafting level. If you're interested, I'd recommend reading this section in the original post.


3. How to Make Gold - at level 80, stack Magic Find. When you find Rare items, salvage them to get the Glob of Ectoplasm. Only level 70+ yellows give Globs of Ectoplasm. For crafters: These Ectos are used to craft Orange (Exotic) gear at level 80 and you need about 35 to make a full set when you are 80.


4. How to Get Gear - Never buy at asking price, always make a lower offer.


5. How to sell on the TP - 5% fee of selling price for listing on TP. 10% fee on the selling price when item is sold.

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Another way to make money is to salvage your rares and hope you get globs of ectoplasm. To give you the highest chance, you want the yellow salvage kit. But, if you buy it from teh vendor, you only get 25 charges. Here's a recipe for the Mystic Salvage Kit, whcih has 250 charges!!



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Another Magic Find explanation: http://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/zxfzj/100_magic_find_vs_0_magic_find_results/


Quote: "With 100% MF I was receiving about 2% more loot, which I doubt had any effect on quality. It seems similar to the Diablo systems where if an item that normally has a 1% chance to drop, with 100% MF it gave you 100% of 1% which ends up being 2%. It does not sound significant, but it does make a difference."

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A little too late for me, but save the rare weapon/armor skins you get from your personal story:




In your personal story you will get a lot of weapons/armor pieces with visuals that are otherwise very difficult to get. For example, I think everyone gets an "Avenger" weapon which has the T1 cultural skin for their race. You will also get a bunch of other weapons with unique exotic skins.

For example, I got a Kymswarden skinned greatsword and a Winged Spatha skinned sword in my personal story. Both of these skins cost over 4 gold on the auction house. They're probably Mystic Forge recipes that are currently unknown to the public. I also got a Human T3 skinned sword, which would have cost me a lot of karma to get otherwise.

Always make sure you check how much a skin is worth before you delete, or you may end up regretting it later. Also, when you're choosing your reward at the end of a mission, remember that you can right click and preview to see each item. If one of them has a rare skin that you like, then I would get it even if the stats aren't what you want, since you'll replace it with higher stat items soon anyways.



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Crafting 1 - 80 Full Guides: Crafting level 1-80 FULL GUIDE 30g Total Cost full mat list inside separated by craft.


Still trying to make sense of the post though

This definitely works. You rock so hard for posting this link. I spent about 1.5g (had some materials already) for cooking 1-400, and leveled from 20-32 in about an hour.


Here's how I did it:

1. Pick a profession from that list

2. Get the list of all mats needed in that Google doc, paste it into Excel (the google doc is write-protected). 2 monitors helps.

3. Find out what mats you have already, put it in the next column in Excel

4. Subtract the two numbers, and it shows how many of each item you need

5. Buy them from the TP or vendor (depending on what it is)

6. Follow the guide for crafting. It goes like this:

(0) Recipe 1

(25) Recipe 2

(50) Recipe 3


So that means for levels 0-25, craft nothing but Recipe 1. Then 25-50, Recipe 2. 5-75 Recipe 3. Continue to 400. I used a crafting XP boost (which gave another 2 levels), so you can expect about 10 levels without, 12 levels with a crafting XP boost.


So I have 400 for leatherworking and cooking right now, tonight I'll be doing tailoring and possibly huntsman. So another 2 hour investment, and I'll have gone from 20-50 in 3 hours, spending about 7g total. The only problem is skill points, but I can go to the beginning zones to pick up the easy ones from each area and be set. Then running through story quests for the nice XP/skins.


Not to mention, this guild now will have people that can craft anything in any discipline...

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