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Guild Wars 2 - Getting Started Guides


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If you're like me and prefer watching videos to reading guides, I found these to be good for people totally new to the game (7:26 minutes into the 2nd video contains some very useful info for seasoned players too :D):






Post any/all guides you found helpful here too :D

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How to make money in GW2: http://www.reddit.co..._problem_at_80/


Copying best reply from the thread below in case it gets bumped down:



What you're doing wrong: Sell stuff instead of salvaging it.

High end dynamic events throw monsters at you constantly while dropping a huge amount of green+ quality gear, all of which vendors for >3s each. Salvaging a white item gives the same materials as an exotic one (with the exception of sigils/runes you can extract with better kits) so anything you don't want that has a sigil/rune should be sold, not salvaged.

Doing a single event might only give you 3-5s, but you will get a ton of drops that you can simply shuck to a vendor for a reasonable sum of cash, making that quest net you ~30s, or more.

Accumulating gold on an individual basis is pretty daunting without the trading post, but saying you cannot amass any wealth without removing the sinks is completely inaccurate.

I'm only level 74 but I'm sitting on ~5g after buying my last skill book and have no idea how I will actually end up spending gold. Using alts to craft means I never need to switch, and there are no goldsinks in sPvP, which is the true endgame for all intents and purposes.

I honestly have a hard time seeing where gold is being spent, it seems fairly easy to earn it. It's not like the last few zones even have hearts to earn 1-time gold rewards from.




There are other interesting ideas on the thread too, like:



I'll add on to this that for PvP it works a little differently. I didn't find the wiki page 100% intuitive so I thought I'd share.

  1. play pvp, get wiggly chest for doing stuff, open chest get rewards OR buy a chest from pvp trophy vendor and open it
  2. these rewards can be deposited to the PVP Locker as collectibles, OR you can salvage them
  3. At the PvP vendor buy a salvage kit, salvage some of the PvP reward items you received.

Salvaging these items will give you:

  • PvP Tokens ( rabbit, deer etc )
  • Components ( arcane shards, arcane crystals and glimmering dust )

To use the forge you need 4 items:

  • an item token ( you buy these from the pvp trophy vendor, example Medium Armor Token )
  • a component ( example Glimmering Dust)
  • another different component ( example Arcane Orb )
  • a pvp token ( rabbit/deer/tournament/etc )

You put these 4 different items into the forge and can create new PvP gear. Note this will not be better gear, but it will just be aesthetically different looking gear.

An exmaple is:

Medium Armor Token+Rabbit token+Arcane Orb+Dust = Superior Studded

There are a number of existing recipes already on the wiki



Hope this helps. I know I've been doing it wrong, by salvaging everything :(

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I wish I knew more about the crafting before I started. I didn't know you could "learn" recipes, so I was just making a bunch of the toughest thing I could for XP, but learning them gives you a huge amount of XP. Now I'm basically farming the first area for lower level materials so I can level up. I'm pretty much done with the second area and have been collecting every material I could there, so I have a good amount of materials when I reach the proper level.

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