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Guild Wars 2 - PvP Guides


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Compilation of some of the better class-based PvP videos I've come across (have to split this up due to max vid limit per post):













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  • Don't backpedal (walk straight backwards with S) unless you absolutely need to. It is better to strafe away from your opponent.


Combat Tips

  • Dodge roll a lot! It's practically free and negates an entire ability (or more).

  • Only one person has to be on a node to capture/neutralize it. More people do not affect the speed at which a point is captured.

  • Go for secondary map objectives when possible. But remember, some are more important than others. In general, you always want to kill the bosses on Niflhel (and steal the opponents' boss if you can), you almost always want to kill the enemy trebuchet on Khylo, you always want to cap the water point on Capricorn (even though underwater combat sucks, it's by far the most important point to have), and you can kind of ignore the lords on the last map. Only go for the lords if it will give you a win, or if you can't get any points and want to pull enemies away from their points.

  • Heal early. As soon as the heal will get its full or near full amount, use it, because most people will CC you when they try to finish you off.

  • Use all your abilities, especially your long CD ones and elites. If you die with abilities available, you probably made a mistake somewhere!


Reviving and Stomping

  • People respawn when the timer says XX:18, XX:38, and XX:58. So to get the maximum respawn timer for your opponents when you stomp them, start your stomp at xx:18 and they'll get a 19 second timer. Also, if you're downed and getting stomped at like :20 or :20 (remember it counts down), just let it happen, don't try to delay it or you'll be dead longer.

  • Always revive/stomp if you have the chance. It can make a huge difference in the outcome of a fight.

  • Don't revive someone though, if you can kill an enemy and get your teammate to rally.

  • Learn to stomp/revive people properly. If your class has a stealth, stability, or invuln move, you can use those to guarantee your stomp/revive will go off. Some examples are the thief's heal, the mesmer's distortion shatter, the warrior's stability shout, and the engineer's elixir S.

  • Every class has different downed abilities. You should learn all of them, but as a general rule of thumb:

    • Elementalists cannot interrupt you if you stomp them immediately

    • Rangers, Engineers, Warriors, and Necromancers can interrupt a single person

    • Guardians can interrupt in an AoE

    • Thieves and Mesmers can teleport/stealth

    • Specifically against Mesmers, force them to teleport, then attack the mesmer with an icon over its head. This one will NOT be the clone. It should also be the mesmer that appears second, after the clone.


Choosing a Build

  • If you're not much of a theorycrafter, copy a pro's build. You can find lots of people from teams like Paradigm, SuperSquad, and AlphaCollective streaming on twitch.tv, and they should all link to their builds.

  • If you want to make your own build, make sure you choose a focus. Either focus on DPS or support/point holding. Then, if you're DPS, choose to go for crit/power or conditions, and if you're a support, choose to go for tankiness/healing or AoE buffs/debuffs. Try not to spread yourself thin or you won't do anything well enough.

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