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  1. Hey all! Man what a trip it feels like yesterday I was gaming on the CS source servers with yall. Anyone still hanging around and what do people play these days? Anyway, hope you all are doing well these days! Allanon
  2. Good luck mang. Remember even when you're exhausted, and it's hailing side ways it'll be worth it in the end.
  3. how many are you? Myself, GL, Shaft, Cujo, Discom, Mo, and maybe Black Ice Mo as in Anonymo? Because if so that means I'm required to for full time trolling.
  4. They are planning on adding more utility skills. Also you have to remember GW1 originally didn't have that many skills, they added a lot in the expansions. Also not sure what you mean by change the game engine to reflect how Guild Wars 1 ran.
  5. WvW has died on my server SBI (Stormbluff) after a bunch of guilds transferred, waiting for the next season to start before I start up with that again. sPvP has always been ignored. A.net's balance strat is to change the meta so something gets weaker and there's something else dominating everything instead of fixing the real issues. Hopefully we can get another game mode besides conquest soon so I don't have to keep playing my guard bunk all the time D:
  6. So there was a lot of interest and quite a few GC'ers playing Guild Wars 2 right after launch who sadly gave it up after a few months and have yet to return. The prevailing reason seamed to be lack of end game content after reaching the max level of 80 which doesn't take long. So here's my schtick. For over a year now they've implemented a "Living Story" filled with content updates every two weeks and now the PvE game is much better and much more worth sticking around. So all of you slackers who left, get yer butts back because you're missing out! Like for the instance the fact that the major hub city Lion's Arch/LA is currently being attacked and is on fire. So yeah!
  7. I'm leaning very hard towards committing for this year. If we can do a carpool from Chicago I'm almost 100% USDA Approved Fair Trade In.
  8. Fragfest 2014: Is It Low Latency You're Looking For?
  9. Don't move to the suburbs. You'll miss out on how great a city of a city Chicago is if you don't live in it and get to experience it every day.
  10. And then he will sacrifice himself so that Ben Affleck can do the dirty with Liv Tyler.
  11. The third one was a "spiritual successor" so of course it would be different. I never played Bioshock 2, but Infinite was wonderful. Such a great story.
  12. http://lineup.bonnaroo.com/ Looking pretty good. Would love to be able to make it this year, haven't been since '11. Anyone else?
  13. Meh go to Bonnaroo instead. Way better and you get the actual feel and atmosphere of a festival.
  14. I would have been offended if no one had spotted that error and had offered some sort of retort. Also I refuse to edit it now that I have noticed it.
  15. Easy there buddy, I was just curious as to why I don't think I've ever seen it suggested before. It just seems to be a pro/con debate between Clarion and BWH without any mention of other venues. If it's just a matter of Flitter has his hands full and we don't have enough people helping than that's a reasonable answer.
  16. I know very little about the O'hare area but it doesn't seem like there's a lot going on over there. Also it's still important what kind of transportation you're thinking of taking. The thing about the El is that like a lot of pubic transportation systems it's very spoksey, meaning that certain areas you have to take a bus to get back and forth between. Bucktown and Wicker park are both fun areas.
  17. Just follow the updates on reddit/imgur. It's like being there and experiencing all the moments without having to wade through the muck of the actual thing. Also all hail the great helix fosil!
  18. First of all, I'm extremely jealous. I have both the AT as well as the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) on my bucket list. Rain pants are definitely a great thing to have, if it's drenching out you're gonna want that extra layer on so you're still dry when you make it to your camp site. Also as far as the wool layers go, did you spend the big bucks and get Icebreaker? That stuff is top notch.
  19. So I'm confused, are there no other hotels that we can use as a venue besides the Clarion?
  20. Logan square is cheaper and still just as safe as Lincoln Park IMO. It's completely gentrified, but don't go too far past Humboldt Park and/or California.
  21. Walkingcat posted this on September 21st. If you divide 21 by 3. Half-Life 3 confirmed
  22. Not sure what you're talking about. You can pay money to get Gems which have nothing to do with the economy, or you can also buy gems with gold which you earn in game.
  23. Still making my slow way through my bachelor's as this should be my last year. To all you dudes
  24. Yup but I'm still on pretty regularly. Took some time off this summer when I was in Yellowstone but I'm back. Fishesofgold.4985 on Stormbluff
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