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  1. Bush

    Fantasy Hockey Interest?

    It may be a little late I but don't believe I received an invite.
  2. Bush

    Fantasy Hockey Interest?

    Rad really SJ! This will be first for me, count me in.
  3. Bush

    random level generation

    Yes you should Nightling. I wish I could be on during normal hours, my work schedule has been less than ideal for gaming. Leveling is more efficient when in a group.
  4. Bush

    PC Reset Bios...:(

    What Preacher said, been down that path. Bummer!
  5. Go ahead and build one it would be good experience, plus it's ezpz. But that may not be a good option if your budget is $200.00..
  6. I'm open to any time either day after noon.
  7. If you have openings I'm for sure game this year.
  8. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/BushMaster-1375/hero/49011587 A bit ridiculous..
  9. Give me some direction. I'm going to use my old build as a flight sim, the new one is for CS, BF4. Looking to spend around 1k. Thanks in advance..
  10. Bush

    Winner winner chicken dinner!

    You only killed 2 camper. Apparently you play the game like you hunt for deer, which is the best way.
  11. I just started playing again. The loot is so much better it actually exceeds d2. After a couple day's of playing I have some really decent gear after doing a bunch of greater rifts. My biggest complaint early on was the loot that is why I quit playing, now it may be a bit much. Regardless it's actually fun again.
  12. Bush

    Hunting! Show your stuff

    Nice catch.. Keeping it real with the hat though, I'm proud..
  13. Bush

    Grouping up for H1Z1 Battle Royal- the bigger the better

    I'm game for this on the weekends. Along with some GTA V heist's.
  14. No you haven't missed something preacher because I noticed the same thing a few weeks ago. I had my tower in storage for the last two years and have been just using my lap top until GTA V came out. Then I decided to dig out my tower and install GTA V on it because I needed the horse power, my laptop wouldn't run it at all. The tower specs are a I5 2500k (sandy bridge), 6950 vid card, and 8 gigs of ram. I can run GTA V @1080p, I don't have all of the settings maxed but it looks fine to me and runs just as well. It also pushes it out to a BenQ XL2420G monitor with out any problems.
  15. Pcpartpicker first time I've seen that very cool!