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Importance of ping


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So i have to make a decision.


I really want to buy guild wars 2 to play with you guys, but want to be sure i can play, even though my ping is very mediocre.


on the gcftw left 4 dead server, my ping is usually around 110. It's manageable though. I get some lag but never enough to ruin the game for me, and i can play the game as a decent player.


So how important is ping on guild wars?

If you have to be honest, would you recommend i don't buy the game then?

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In my opinion you don't need a good ping at all. I living in the middle of nowhere Texas have mediocre internet. If someone as simply uses the other computer to get on youtube or download anything i will have a latency >1000. With this being said i can play this fine while i am streaming music from spotify, you tube, or doing anything that requires any type of bandwidth with minimal to no response issues.



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Law just said it wasn't an issue. Now I know that Law has VERY LITTLE experience with WvW, he is usually just sitting in the craft hall where I'm sure ping doesn't matter at all. But I might be inclined to believe Law in this, because everything I just said about what Law does was a lie.






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