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Why is my DPS so low. I seen others with 200+ dps with less gear


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Those people with the 200k+ dps are wearing items that contain crit chance, crit damage, attack speed. but be extra safe and go for the quadfecta gear instead; resist all on top of those 3 stats, and you'll be doing 400k+ dps in no time, and they'll all be yellow items!

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quadfecta is:


all resist

crit chance

crit damage

attack speed




those 4 stats on any one item will cost you like 50mil a piece. That's if you're lucky. Usually like 500mil for a good piece. Now, let the people wearing quadfecta everywhere try to convince you they didn't have a hundred people backing them and didn't spend any money =p

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Gary, you want a dexterity range like mine (3100+) go go go! Also, you want the 4 stats ive listed above + your main stat. You dont even need vitality. Go for life % instead. If you have lifesteal + quadfecta, it won't matter if you have 6k life, because you'll leach more health than damage you take. Sad story about why diablo 3 is a really poorly designed game =(

you really need to get away from trying to use legendaries and set pieces. They're not really good items. Diablo 3 has it backwards, in that yellow (rare) value items are the best in the game. Normally, like in diablo 2, rare items had a cap on how high certain stats could go, and if they could have certain stats with each other, to prevent one-all-powerful-items, and then legendaries would have higher caps, etc., but in Diablo 3 that isn't the case. Of course, the weapon you're really looking for is the 2 Socket Manticore. They'll cost you 100m+, though, but you can get a 1 socket manticore relatively cheap in the 1200+ dps range. It'll do far more dps than the god-awful danetta's set. It looks like you tried to go the cheap route, but solid dps isn't cheap.

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Thanks, I bought a few things though, with what i can afford. If I can find where to go and get the good stuff, I would. But a lot of people are not fun to play with as they seem to always be afk etc or die fast. I thought yielding 2 weapons with 900+ dps would be awesome

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yielding a single weapon with 1200+ dps is better, because it's not the weapon dps that provides the abundancy of actual dps. It's the stats the weapon yields. A weapon with a lot of crit damage bonus will obviously yield a higher dps value, which is why DH go after the 2 socket manticore, because you can get up to 300% crit damage bonus with it. Everyone seems to have this misunderstanding of where you farm gear. Anywhere you want to. If you have at least monster power 1 turned on, it doesn't matter what act or what mobs you choose to farm, they all have a 100% equal chance of dropping the exact same thing. Put a monster power you are comfortable farming on, and farm.

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