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  1. I did have a lot of fun, nice seeing old faces. Definitely hit me up when it's happening again.
  2. Very nice. It'll be like you live on the east coast now instead of across the ocean lol.
  3. I had fun for the time I was on! Good to see old faces. I do still play a couple times a week if you can catch me. Mostly random CMM if people aren't on.
  4. I hear ya. I try to get a CSGO match in like once or twice a week if I'm lucky. Kids and working on an MBA has taken all of my time. And don't worry, I almost always made girl characters in GW, though my reasoning may have been more that I just liked to look at them more than the guys
  5. Wolf, glad you are happy. I miss our Guild Wars days!
  6. So my schedule is like one class at a time for about 5-6 weeks I think. It's meeting once a week for actual class at night for 4 hours, then mostly group work outside of class. I'll let you know more of how it is set up once I really get into it. Congrats to you as well! Time management is going to be huge, and I'm always worried I won't have enough family time cuz I love being with my boys. They're at that young age where they change constantly.
  7. I've put in about 52 hours into Fallout 4 over the last few months. Hence my absence on the CS:GO scene. I felt like i NEEDED to complete the story line before anything else gaming wise, or I felt incomplete. But I also don't have enough hours in the day to work, play/be with my kids, make my wife happy, and then game. Gaming comes after the other stuff is done first, and now I'll have school to throw in the mix. Priorities have changed in the last 4 years, and gaming got the short end of the stick lol.
  8. Did they make BF games in 1942?.... . . . .
  9. Just wanted to let people know about what is going on in my life, as if you guys really care! Wanted to share the good news that I'm starting back to school for my MBA in early November. My work was selecting 20 people from applicants to do a cohort with the school I actually went to college at and they're paying the full tuition (minus fees), so even if I don't know what to do with an MBA, I figured why not apply and try for it. Welp, guess they liked my application cuz they selected me! I'm currently taking on online finance workshop though, that I have to have done by early October to be able to start into the program, so that's fun. It's going to be like one night a week, from 6-10pm, with lots of group projects when I'm not actually in class. It's accelerated for working adults, so I'm still working 40 hours/week, with being a full time dad to 2 young boys, and a full time husband. This should be pretty interesting.... Anyways, wish me luck, and if I'm not gaming much/if at all for the next 18-20 months you all know why. I didn't die, though I may wish I did halfway through this. And if anyone has done anything similar with any words of advice, please let me know! I graduated in 2008 from college, so this is gonna be an adjustment now that I'm 30! Peace out yo.....
  10. Downloading right now, in case I get the itch for some Goldeneye soon.
  11. Dude, I use the G500, and love it. If you liked yours, can you find another one?
  12. You sir, have a lot of disposable income. And I'm jealous of it. And you suck. Good day.
  13. Old old school. Wait a minute, when did I join again? Crap I'm getting old now too.
  14. Been playing recently. I know there's a few GC people playing, and a few non-GC that I play with.
  15. They were like "Dude, we're trying to cuddle here. Why you so weird?" lol
  16. So long as there is boredom, there will be gaming!
  17. You know, right now, any current billionaire could buy every combination of possible tickets, and still come out ahead over $200 million dollars after the taxes from what they spent to buy every ticket? But if there is one other winner, they automatically go into negative earnings....
  18. If you sell it, and it gets banned, why does it matter anyway? It's not yours to worry about anymore. Though I honestly don't see why anyone really wants to sell an account unless you are turning over a new leaf in life and don't want the distractions of gaming at all anymore.
  19. Zero, what I currently have is a Q9550, ASUS p5Q pro mobo, 8gb of DDR2, and a EVGA GTX 260. Honestly anything that I buy for close to $750 will be a huge upgrade from what I've been using. My check comes Thursday, so I'll probably be buying the stuff next week if anyone has any more suggestions. Thanks Leone for the parts, I'm going to look into them now. Similar to what I was looking at already I think. What I plan to reuse is the 850 watt Antec PSU (I know it will die one day, but it seems strong still), my case which I love, and the DVD drive. I'm getting a SSD and maybe a normal HDD depending on the amount of money left over as well.
  20. Yeah, I've got some stuff in my cart on newegg for just over $600, minus a psu, case, dvd drive since I think I'll reuse those until they really need replaced. Really I'm spending most of the money on a new video card (GTX 960) and the CPU (core i5 4590). The rest is fairly reasonable in price.
  21. So I'm deciding to cash in some of my PTO and I got the ok to build a new rig. I'm thinking no more than like $750. I'll most likely reuse my power supply, as well as the case, but I'll need everything else new. Is there anything new out there I should know about? Should I move into DDR4 or is it just too expensive for my budget? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  22. I'm still running a Q9550 with 8gb of DDR2 and a GTX260. This game would ruin my PC.
  23. I did like the Clarion. Convenient to have the room right upstairs. Not that we were in it much. I forget, but what was there dumb rules we had to follow to have it there again? Like security and no alcohol or something? Yeah, that would have to change I think.
  24. Think, think long and hard about this. I started down this path almost 5 years ago. Now look at me. OH WAIT YOU CANT BECAUSE IM BARELY EVER AROUND ANYMORE!!! Before you know it you'll have 2 kids, a mortgage, and be wondering what the hell happened. I mean mean yay!! Congrats!!
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