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Invite 3 Friends For Free Trail Nov. 15 - 18


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Hey, everyone.




For those of you who are interested in trying Guild Wars 2, but haven't, keep in mind that anyone who has Guild Wars 2 can invite up to 3 friends to try the game from Nov. 15 - 18.

If you own the game and you are willing to share your guest passes, just list the amount you're willing to share / have available.

If you do not own the game, but would like to try it, please list your name, so we can build a list on this post of who is still looking to try the game.

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Is this guest pass like I get to play the full version until the time is over or is it like a "starter" version.


From what I've read, it's a limited time from Nov. 15-18, so it's more like the former. I'm assuming starter is like "up to level 20" or something; I don't think that's what they're offering.

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Tried this out the past 2 days with a Norn Guardian; managed to get to level 16. I participated in one day of the Lost Shores event but was woefully unprepared in terms of gear (and the fact that I hadn't unlocked all the skills/ slots). I ended up missing the last event, but I don't think it would have mattered.


Had fun though; lots of stuff I wanted to try out but didn't get the chance to. Props to Voodoo for hooking me up with a trial key.

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