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Path of Exile


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Actually, if you take a more in-depth look at the game, its only relation to the diablo series is its being the same genre of game.

The developers noted that diablo 2 played a role in their inspiration of class design and some other systems, such as the map overlay. Other than the similarities seen between games of this genre, though, this game is pretty unique. The leveling tree isn't as complicated as it first looks, and you can generally create a ridiculous build by staying close to your home point, though if you don't want to develop your own builds, players have already posted thousands that they've created.


The game has some major issues right now, which range from simple freezing to crashing, and in several popular cases, bsod, which the development team has really just passed off as a "it's not our fault," response. Generally, I'd let that slide if other games were causing the issues, but since it's exclusive to their game, I'd like to put the blame on poor programming.


If any game is what Diablo 3 should have been, it'd probably be Torchlight 2, since it's developed by the exact same team that brought everyone diablo 1 and 2. If anyone has taught us that a game sharing the name of other games doesn't make it an actual sequel, it would be blizzard.


A downside to PoE still being beta is there isn't much content right now, so once you reach the level of the highest mobs, leveling slows down big time. There are also some seriously stupid exploits for fighting bosses, like standing up against a pillar, and the boss won't know how to navigate to you, even if he has a teleport ability. I'd like to see the game have some smarter ai, because mindless mobs doesn't make for an exciting experience. Don't get me wrong, it's a fun game, but it doesn't do anything revolutionary that you can't find in other games in the genre.

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wow @ the skill tree

If you look at it, it's actually not that impressive, they just make it look impressive. That skill tree is for all of the characters and separates things most games would combine. Like if you had a skill in another game with 5 ranks of something, Path of Exile would separate it into 5 little circles. Also stats are on that skill tree as well.

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Yeah, I played a few hours, but I feel like when you look at the skill tree they purposely make it look overwhelming so you say "Wow, look at this skill tree!" but it's all of the classes' in one skill tree. While you could probably go wherever you want in the tree, realistically you're only going to be looking at a 6th of the tree. Then on top of that there's things like having "+10% archery damage" 5 times in a row as different things, where's most games would have it condensed into 1/5 then the next time you level up you can put a point in it again and make it 2/5. Maybe skill tree is the wrong term, maybe more of a perk tree?


If I look at Titan Quest, that game has 9 Masteries, if you spread out all of the Titan Quest skill trees to look like the Path of Exile tree you'd have over 1,500 little dots to spend your skill points on. It sounds like a lot, and it is, that's why I don't think Path of Exile throwing up this huge tree is impressive.

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"Wow, look at this skill tree!" but it's all of the classes' in one skill tree.

That worked well in Final Fantasy X, heck the only good thing I liked about that game. Though I dont think its a selling point in PoE, just that a lot of people bring it up.

It's like, the second thing mentioned on the front page of their website. :D

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