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Banned From L4D2 Server


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Looking at the forum, and the pinned threads, and some people-made threads as well, I suppose I write here to sort this out, right? I even read the guide too so I hope I do this right.


Here's my stuff:


| steamname: ♥Miss Squishy♥
| steamID32: STEAM_0:0:30959577
Time of the banning: around 3:00 AM EST (7/26/14)
Names involved: Not entirely sure exactly who, but even if I did, I'm sure you guys already know. :)
What happened: Well I was playing on your #1 server in No Mercy, and I was slightly ahead with two other players. From what I've read in other posts on this forum, I was rushing apparently and didn't realize the severity of my actions until someone started complaining. So after said complaint started happening, I even went back to help with the other two people I was "rushing" with to help, only to get killed. BUT, I do admit it was my fault, because I never rush, and the one time I do I get banned lol. I always try to help, always heal the reds with my medkit to get points, always send points out when downed, you know the drill. So yes, I was completely wrong in what I did. But I do enjoy your L4D2 servers and hope for the best that I get unbanned. The servers are always full and it is really fun at times, it would be a shame if I couldn't enjoy 10 VS 10 Versus in your servers anymore. 

All in all, I apologize. For rushing. For being stupid. Also for making certain people angry apparently. Even though it was my first rush mistake, it certainly will be my last. I should've just stayed in the back like I usually do B)

You know would be awesome? A #3 third server. :P Just an idea but with all of the complications of getting another server, costs, etc. I'm pretty sure it won't happen but if it did that would be awesome. :) I would probably donate for it too... It's not like I don't waste enough money on TF2 crap anyways.

So I'm sorry for blabbing and being stupid. And please forgive me. Thank you for your time.
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Welcome to the forums.


Clearly you know why you were banned, nice post.  It was only for an hour and has expired.  Just be sure to stay with your teammates :).  


Have fun and enjoy our servers!  

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A third server is unlikely, but if you want to help in the cost of the servers and have a better chance at getting in to the two servers, purchase a membership.  Go to the store on the forums, $15 a year and you get a reserved spot on the servers (as long as the server is not all members, you are able to join and get a spot)

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