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  1. Have a safe and Happy New Year and remember some AAA in some states offers free rides on News Year Eve...just google safe rides for New Years

    1. looneypumpkin


      Happy New Year chick.

  2. Heaven got a beautiful angel today. Thank you all for the love and prayers.
  3. My mom was told she has just a few days left...Going to see her...Good vibes her way on her last few days...Thanks ALL <3

    1. looneypumpkin


      Happy you're going to see her. Cherish those moments. <3 Big hugs to you

    2. Meng


      Hope you're doing well chick, best wishes to you and your family.

  4. I found out today that my mom just has a few days left, so I'll be flying out tomorrow to spend a week with her. Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers.
  5. So it's been awhile since I posted, mainly because my mom and I don't speak. Yesterday while driving with my sister-in-law I found out that my mom is down to 82 pounds, back in may before we parted ways she had planned on stopping her chemo but became a fighter, but last week her levels were back up and her cancer isn't getting better. She told my brother she wouldn't make it past Christmas. I'm not posting this to bum anyone out or anything. It's just a reality now and idk if I'll ever get to talk to my mom again. Our fight was the worst out of all we've ever had. I just want to talk to her so I can say I'm sorry. I did text her just so she knew I was sorry for the things I said.
  6. Just an update: My mom and I have parted ways as far as communication (it's a long history). She started chemo about 6 weeks ago, and they found another stop 2 weeks ago. She's decided to stop her chemo and let her cancer run it's course. I think you all for the love and prayers.
  7. Thank you guys. Last night my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. I will keep you posted.
  8. Cancer sucks and I hate that you exists in this world...sadness and anger is all you bring

  9. Today my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and is having surgery to remove a mass. After her surgery we will know what stage it is or if it's spread. Just asking for positive vibes and prayers.
  10. glad to hear Dixie finally came to her senses and kicked you out.
  11. chick82


    Lord of the rings online. Tirtul and I have played it off and on for the last 7 and 9 years. It's free to play, but you can get VIP or turbine points (you can earn these as well) to buy expansions and stuff. VIP just unlocks a lot of it. It's a lot of fun. There's pve and pvmp (player vs monster player). There's a lot to do, a lot of cool classes, rideable horses and goats, and later in-game there's mounted combat. They have epic battles and skirmishes. You can also own a house and get trophies and decorations. If anyone is interested let me know. Leveling is super easy, and hobnanigians and the anniversary are going on right now as well. The creep side is fun if you want to play as a warg spider warleader defiler or reaver.
  12. Chyna Doll yesterday, Prince today, man this year the celebrity death rate is high :(

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    2. Madvillain


      RIP Prince, another legend falls.

    3. Carlos


      RIP Chyna. A radio station dedicated a pedigree just for her.

    4. chick82


      Oh that's right Jackie. That's the three. It always comes in 3's with celebrities it seems.

  13. Congrats on the promotion . Hope you're at least enjoying lol. And no one will ever play as bad as peanut so you should be fine
  14. Lots of appointments today! Dietitians, therapy (boo), RMR, and group therapy tonight. Will update this after my appointments. Down 3 pounds!!! Dietitian meeting went great! Got me on a good time schedule and only eating 4 times a day instead of 6 (hated that). RMR went well. And therapist said I'm sane for surgery lol! If he only knew me haha! But he was awesome great guy. Group therapy tonight and then I come back in April for another round of appointments.
  15. Pheasants Forever Dinner tonight fingers crossed we win the 4,000 dollars :D! It's a fund raiser for the local kids programs so good cause but free booze, food, and fun!

  16. Pheasants Forever Dinner tonight fingers crossed we win the 4,000 dollars :D! It's a fund raiser for the local kids programs so good cause but free booze, food, and fun!

  17. Hello! We'll after many years of fear and putting it off, I finally decided to make the life changing decision to have weight loss surgery. My biggest fear in life was being put under anesthesia, which at the beginning of Feb after a trip to Vegas I had to have surgery (nothing serious), and was put under. My biggest fear was cancelled out, and my surgeon just happen to be a weight loss surgeon years ago. He asked me if I would be open to the surgery and I said yes, and he said "i can tell you are ready". No one had ever said that to me, and it just calmed all other worries. Well, I did research and all the different places to choose from because we are self pay (because my insurance doesn't cover the surgery), I figured well if I have to pay I'm going to pick the best place I can, so after countless hours of research I found WeightWise in Edmond, OK. The reviews were great, they have a zero mortality rate in the actual surgery and have been doing it since 2006, and because of that they are actually the cheapest place in the nation. I did the seminar, and yesterday I had my first appointment with my surgeon. His name is Dr. Walton (he was in an oil field explosion when he was like 19/20 and was burned over 73% of his body). It was a bit tough for me to handle meeting him at first, because I have never seen a burn victim that was burnt that bad (i know this isn't really relevant but honestly for someone to overcome a 3% survival and become a surgeon that's a pretty big deal). He's an awesome guy. He kept it real about things. I learned a lot. Our surgery date goal is May 31st! Currently: I start a 2 1/2 week diet (that I got from them minus 2 meals I personally cook), eating 6 times a day every 3 hours. I have to go let them draw a ton of blood at the hospital lab on Monday (YAY) lol. Find out of they saved my EKG from 2 wks ago (I had bronchitis) and since I could barely breathe they made sure the ticker was good (which is was) Make sure my AIC is under 8 (fingers crossed but I know with weight loss if it's not it will go down) Do a sleep study (this I don't like, why because it's weird, I don't even think my husband watches me sleep and if he did I'd probably wake up and throat punch him for being weird LOL). My next appointments are on March 10th. I will be meeting with the Dietitian, Therapist (which I loathe therapist), and do an RMR, and then group theory that night. So busy day, BUT awesome that since I live 5 hours from the hospital where this is at, they try to do as much as possible all in one day. My Current weight is 396 (which makes me happy because on Feb 3rd I was 440) so already lost 44 pounds. Now i have to lose 40 more as a requirement I have to lose 10% of my body weight. My next post will be after March 10th. I will let you all know where I am at. It's a life changing decision, and I'm glad to share it with you guys! P.S. Feel free to post (please be positive except Madvillian cause that guys a jerk, so he can be a jerk). LOL LOVE YOU ALL!
  18. I didn't watch it but I did read a lot of the articles and news and some YouTube clips of shows talking about it. I will say idk if he's guilty, but at this moment in time that is completely irrelevant. This mans trial had so many violations of his right to a fair trial that his guilt or innocents doesn't matter at this moment. You can not have such an unfair trial and do the things they did and the things the judge did and think that that is okay or fair. What makes our justice system great (well suppose to) is the right to a fair trial. Even the defense was denied allowing to push the blame on another person which is quiet common in tons of trials (I watch a lot of trials). Without being allowed to do that, that one thing alone makes that whole trial a joke. Pile everything else on. Idk what will happen. But the man deserves a fair trial. Period.
  19. Well, did my seminar, now I get my consult with the weight loss surgeon. Nervous but ready for this next journey in my life. Will keep you all up-to-date.

  20. Tirtul and I wanted to go this year but my nieces 21st birthday is July 5th and we're all planning on going to Vegas! But even that's up in the air as I am having gastric bypass surgery in March yay
  21. I support this rule. I think to try and compare it to new players, people shopping, holding spitters, or saying soon we'll ban for missing chargers is silly. When members (long time players) the more "pro" seasoned players decide to actively take themselves and put themselves in a situation where you know a lot of points can be earned by infected is selfish and not considerate of the other players on your team. It's no different than charger dodgeball. Sure it can be fun, but almost everyone ends up dying or the imfected rack up points, because you in a sense want to show off. It's not a tough rule to follow. If your teammates or an admin say "hey please don't stand out in the open and you just keep doing or or a simpler solution is just don't stand out in the open.
  22. Just wow! 50 dollar for a carry-on bag. Spirit Airlines you suck at life.

    1. Jerkoff


      Be ware of Alaska Airline as well, $25 for each check in bags. Didn't read thoroughly, got to airport and my jaw dropped. They also don't serve meals on-board T.T

    2. Architect


      That's why I always travel light enough to fit in a carry on.

  23. Carrot Top Meet and Greet and front row ticket! WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happiest Girl in the world right now

  24. Just don't pass out when you win lol! Some news report will say paramedic missing lol!!
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