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I stopped reading The WoT after book 9. I use to reread the entire series each time a new book came out. Just got burned out lol. I did manage to get one signed by Robert Jordan once, I was a fan after all :). After a while I just started skipping all the chapters dealing with the women, all they seemed to do was complain about the guys. So boring, lol.


I actually enjoy Insurgency, and would play this Friday if I could. But I can't, so I wont.







dangit shaftiel if you sufferred all the way to 9 you gotta get 10-14 it returns to the awesomeness that were 1-5!!!!!!!  I have no problem as a fan admitting the middle books sucked like lump them together in 1 huge book and 15% didn't suck lol but yeah I got one of mine signed by mr Jordan. sm_threadderailed 1    edit 10 is meh but 11-14 pretty dang good

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Tonight 9pm EST be there or be square. Be sure to let out a steam group notif :P. Nobody on L4d2 even owns Insurgency besides me so I'm fine with that. 

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