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  1. Insurgency pvp is hard inless ur a pro at that game lol. But I'm down to play it if we can get a group going and playing.
  2. It Seems like he was bann from competitive which is a CS:GO /Steam matter meaning we can't do anything about it.
  3. I might be able to make in October! just got to save up some money and ask for the days off from work when we get closer to the month.
  4. Rest in peace. my prayers go out to his family and friends
  5. If you don't get a car in time, hit the train to Waterloo and I will pick you up there :-) i got a car but now the whole work thing might hold me back... just need to find out the dates and see if i can work something out lol.
  6. Congratz!!wish i knew about it i would of threw in a skin for some one to win.... look that abuse on that screen shot i took lol..
  7. nice.. I've put about 1000 in to this game and only have an inventory worth 300-400 i believe lol.. me+case opening=worst luck..
  8. cache is not bad just if u can get your picks on t's and work those picks you can do great. Ive played many comps on cache and be up in rounds starting on t side... then completely bomb ct side... or doing poop on starting ct side and win on T side.. Just all about who you play with and the strats you use.. tbh i hate cache.. not because of competitive it just it frustrates me ever time i play it wether winning or loosing. i can't stand inferno,nuke,cache... those maps just grind my gears. I miss playing cobble on the pub server.. cobble always been my favorite map. wish it was in map rotation but a lot of ppl hate it and i don't get why.
  9. Im down for any days!! along as there a heads up so i can take those days off lol.Hopefully ill have a car by then too.. I was dying to go to last years but had no ride up there.. Would be nice to see and meet the faces behind the members i play with day in day out lol.
  10. An i just notice i post this in the mmo section and not the Rpg section .. FAIL lol..
  11. It's a steam game thats free. i use to play it but i received an email about the game saying server have been moved to new servers and so forth and they send me a code for some prize or something ingame. Im going to leave the code here for anyone that wants to use it if they can. They sent it with my account name i had on that game. Idk if the key is specifically for just my account or if any one can use it. If your able to use it sweet and let me know so i can delete the post after so know one else wastes there time trying to put in a already used code lol. Key Code: 9G5THMWKFEBYDN3T
  12. mix with boxer nice.. Boxer are great dogs but love to be loved lol.. I have two boxers that love to lay at my feet or bother my to pet them lol.
  13. 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 000000000 000000000 000000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 000000000 000000000 000000000 000000000
  14. kk thanks san really appreciate the help! ill check that out
  15. I figured it would be a good 1:1 but no one wants to trade lol. I've probly sent out 20+ trade offers and most them try to add my asiimov stat op or ak as a counter offer lol.. for a WW stain karambit. Is there better place to doing trading other then csgo lounge?
  16. I use to play LoL if u need some one to play with ill play I'm not the greatest but ill get back in to playing it =). I use to play a lot on the beta servers but then CS:GO took away all my time
  17. Well I've had my CH knife for a while now but never could find a price for it. I know some of them sell for more then market price just trying to find out if mines worth more then value price since i want to upgrade kinda to a Karambit stain ft/ww/mw if possible for 1:1 trade. Can anyone help me lol. I've tried to ask on csgolounge and reddit no help lol. theres some SS of my knife. thanks if ur able to help me out =D PS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=381618908 BS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=381618938
  18. Is the game going to be multi platform or just windows? if it runs on mac ill give it a go.
  19. LMAO i was so ready for something to just jump out then all u get is a cow that pops up and says moo.
  20. ah kk lol. I was like NOOOO not my reserve slot!! lmao.. i remember the lonely nights getting kicked off the cs server for not having a reserve slot lol..
  21. LMAO so after wining 3 cmm matches in a row on my smurf account just fooling around i get this after my 3rd match.. 20hr wait period.. trying to put me in a skill group when i still have 7 matches to go lol.
  22. Not knowing what lies beneath the murky water the moat holds. The knight encounters his biggest fear of all.
  23. Yesterday i received a email about renewing my membership I'm guessing. i don't mind paying the 15 to renew it but i was just wondering, Since i donated for the admin not to long ago wouldn't that refresh the whole membership or are they 2 separate things?
  24. kk no problem i was just throwing it out there to save u guys some money =).
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