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So this thing has died pretty much. It happens.


The following is now occurring:


Full backup of all the Minecrafty things. Nothing is being wiped content-wise, just tucked away. Backups available to whoever wants them in the short-term.


The server itself is being nuked and upgraded to Centos 7. Full wipe and reconfigure. We're still getting good value on the server itself (4 core, 4 gig ram, 80 gig ssd for $14/month)  so I have no desire to cancel it outright.


I *may* delay the above items in favor of working on some Docker things for a future GC chat thing on this server - that's probably going to happen but will only delay the full wipe.


You may now begin yelling.

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All gone now. As is the server. Good deal at the time but found something else - two fewer cores but crap ton more ram and more ssd space - also true dedicated, not VPS. Targeted for other purposes at the moment but easily swing Minecraft again. 

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