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RadioKnight last won the day on October 4 2017

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    Left 4 Dead 2
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    Ottawa, Ontario
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    PC gaming, collecting medieval weapons, mixed martial arts
  1. RadioKnight

    10v10 Activity

    L4D2 - the game Valve forgot... at least one new official map would have been nice..?
  2. RadioKnight

    I miss you guys

    Yup, work lots and kids. Also lack of any new maps or updates made L4D2 get stale for me. Im still around on the forums, reading more than I post. good to know youre doing well though!
  3. RadioKnight

    Heads Up!

    I too would like a copy of the old world, like the one before the last one.
  4. RadioKnight

    Heads Up!

  5. Ahh ok, if the server was being discontinued thered be an announcement of some type I guess...
  6. So is it dead? The server is offline so Im assuming so. Also, I agree with Leon. Even though my build was ported over and everything, it just wasnt the same. People have differing opinions on the server wipe, but I think the results speak for themselves.
  7. RadioKnight

    Hey everyone! radical187/TheRadicalGuarantee here!

    Yay Canada! I dont get on L4D2 much anymore, running around in circles on the same maps got boring. Still get on MC sometimes, hoping this new server mod help get the server hopping again. Welcome back Rad!!
  8. RadioKnight


    I vote for anything that makes the server better so yes this sounds like a good idea.
  9. RadioKnight

    Server Popularity

    Ahh, L4D2, the game that Valve forgot... I just got tired of the same maps over and over, yes I know theres community maps but a lot of those are unbalanced and its a hassle to set up. Maybe one day L4D3...?
  10. RadioKnight

    How's tricks?

    I still come on now and then, usually whenever I see people on the server. I try talking to people, but they never respond, either theyre AFK farming or theyre shy I guess. If there were people on a bit more I think Id be on a bit more, its just no fun by yourself, even if youre not doing anything with the other players. And yes, I miss the old world Leon. Even though my base was ported over, its just not the same. Also I finally found an ancient forest in the old world and was starting work on a new project there.
  11. RadioKnight

    Server Load

    Too many chickens...?
  12. RadioKnight

    Minecraft 1.8

    Its not just the lighthouse, but both mountains and everything under them. If you can rip that whole section out and port it over then Im ok with this.
  13. RadioKnight

    Minecraft 1.8

    Restart the world? Are you serious?
  14. RadioKnight

    General L4D2 Chat

    Enough about General! Leave him alone!!! Erm.... wait..... Ohh, you mean general as in not specific.... well then.... Love you all!
  15. RadioKnight

    ADMIN VS MEMBER NIGHT - Saturday 7/12 6pm est

    Oh, whats all this then? Id come out for this, but I have to work until 7.