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Not long to go - Should the UK leave the EU?


I'm totally undecided, do you guys have any news about this on your media?   If so, what are your thoughts?

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The thing with stuff like this is.. what do we really know? 


We know the argument some politician has twisted one way to fit his agenda. 


But we don't know any figures. What are the economic consequences? What about political balance of the EU as a whole? Who would suffer most from it, who would gain from it.

Until we learn to erect institutions which can provide objective answers to these questions, any form of public consensus such as in a referendum or even voting on the matter is to me manipulated and necessarily shortsighted due to lack of information, and therefore useless.


Same reason i don't believe in 'interviewing the man on the street'. What does he know. Tell me what the expert economist thinks instead. 


So to sum up: my first thought it "it would be sad to see the UK go". My second thought is: "what the hell do i know". 

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