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Request to be unbanned


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Hello everyone,
After time I publish, a post
I hope they are well
It has been 3 long years since I received the ban,
Were years of suffering of not being able to play with you,
And I really would like to play again,
I did not say it out of shame before
My story, was that I trust a person close, my computer,
This person installed a program and was aimbot,
I did not know until I received the ban,
That person confirmed to me that it was aimbot,
I did not know what to do, I was going for the third year of playing,
And upon receiving the punishment
Was felt, like collapsing a tower of cards of 1000 floors or more
Several told me to appeal
But I was ashamed of it. T_T
This is my story,
I also regret having created another account
Instead of appealing, I am very sorry.

I hope they can remove the fault (ban), I would love to play with you again.
Like those years of glory.

Thank you for reading this post,
Success and luck for all.

Sincerely, Shippuden

(I have a bad English =))




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Hi Ship, we decided to unban you, per your request.


You were originally banned for cheating.  


Since you have admitted cheating, apologized for it and served a very long ban time, we feel you deserve another chance.


I do want to warn you however, if you are found cheating or using any type of illegal advantage in the game again, you will not receive another chance.  Remember you are responsible for your account also, so it will not be acceptable to claim another person did it.


Welcome back!

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Yes, we give 2nd chances for breaking rules, depending on the circumstances and how the person handles the situation.  That is the whole point of this area of the forum.  This goes for him, just like it has gone for you.


In his situation:

He had admitted he was cheating at the time.

He apologized and said he wont do it again.

He served a 2 and 1/2 year ban from GC.

If he cheats on our servers again, he will not get another chance.

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