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Saturday Night Customs Final Round of Voting


Saturday Night Customs "BEST KILL" on Johnny?  

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I want to thank everyone who participated.  I know you guys tried your best to kill me and it wasn't easy.


Please vote for the winner of this contest.  Who had the best kill on Johnny?!?! The finalists from each weekly SNCs are:


Video 1, 8/5: George Bush - 


Video 2, 7/22: Squisher - 


Video 3, 7/15: Hard - 


Video 4, 7/8: Tatsuya - 


Video 5, 7/1: Bambi - 


Video 6, 6/24: JerryTOG - 


Video 7, 6/17: Looney - 


Video 8, 6/10: Clony - 

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Sorry for being MIA.  I've been really busy with school and life; I also have family in Houston staying with us and family in Florida...  Hard times.  


Bush is the overall winner, for the contest (membership) and for my personal choice ( special prize) ! So he will win it all! Jackie or a Board will contact him with further details.  Thanks for playing!

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